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New Short Drone documentary, ‘Of Tears and the Sea’ produced by Camerado Media, Enters Festival Consideration

A new aerial UAV (drone) documentary, ‘Of Tears and the Sea’ – produced by Camerado Media filmmaker Jason Rosette in Cambodia, now enters festival consideration. High altitude view of Cambodia salt fields…


Easy 100% Tax-Deduction for Supporting US-Asian Feature Co-Production, FREEDOM DEAL

Download, Print, & Share the One-Page PDF with all details about how you (if you are a US taxpayer) can make a quick and simple 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION to our Cambodian-based…


Camerado’s notes to emerging Cambodian filmmakers to help develop & improve their industry

(the following onesheet was provided in hardcopy format to emering Cambodian filmmakers and youth at the 2012 FilmCamp in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in response the question: “What can we do to develop…


Ongoing Filmography & Portfolio for Writer/Director & Filmmaker Jason Rosette of CAMERADO

PAT & LLOYD’S FINAL COUNTDOWN (estimate 2015) Comedy Feature in Development to shoot in Louisiana, USA. Writer & Director,  J Rosette – Somewhere in America, two itinerant blender salesmen run afoul of the law when their counterfeit…


Motion Capture for Animation Project in Bangkok

Motion capture session here in Bangkok for an animated feature I was hired to co-write. Multiple motion capture cameras ranged around the studio shoot off of reflective beads/balls placed on actor’s joints, interpolating…


Reading the script [Part 1] from FREEDOM DEAL, the Vietnam War era feature by Camerado

…visit Camerado’s page at Podomatic for more information and to track the progress of this new and unique feature movie project by Camerado! => Posted via email from Camerado @ Posterous…


Camerado’s Jason Rosette concludes postproduction supervision and editing on ‘Pirate’s Curse’

A scene from ‘Pirate’s Curse’, (c) Location Thailand/Studio Asia, Ltd. Camerado director Jason Rosette was brought onboard as editor and post production supervisor to conduct successful forensic story reconstruction, while contributing additional…


:: Updated List of Camerado Movies (& More) and Where to Purchase ::

Updated 3/10/09BOOKWARSDocumentary Feature, 79:00Official website: http://www.bookwarsmovie.comDownload at iTunes: at Caachi: at Amazon: DVD at FilmBaby: DVD-R from Camerado: iPod Ready MP4 from the iPodMovieZone: Performance DVD-R…