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Movies with Library Circulation and Public Performance Rights by Camerado:

The following titles by Camerado are available with library circulation / non-commercial public performance permissions: BOOKWARS – Feature DocumentaryAward winning documentary about the world of New York City street booksellers, seen through…


Ongoing Filmography & Portfolio for Writer/Director & Filmmaker Jason Rosette of CAMERADO

PAT & LLOYD’S FINAL COUNTDOWN (estimate 2015) Comedy Feature in Development to shoot in Louisiana, USA. Writer & Director,  J Rosette – Somewhere in America, two itinerant blender salesmen run afoul of the law when their counterfeit…


Ongoing List of Movie & Media Titles and Projects by CAMERADO

Ongoing list of movie and media titles and projects by Camerado with purchase links and other info BOOKWARS – Feature Documentary RT 79:00 with 56:00 TV Version ~ USAAn insider’s look at the…


LOST IN NEW MEXICO rises above the indie pack!

LOST IN NEW MEXICO rises above the indie pack! Award winning writer-director J Rosette’s 2nd feature, LOST IN NEW MEXICO: the Strange Tale of Susan Hero ( continues to garner more positive…


:: Updated List of Camerado Movies (& More) and Where to Purchase ::

Updated 3/10/09BOOKWARSDocumentary Feature, 79:00Official website: http://www.bookwarsmovie.comDownload at iTunes: at Caachi: at Amazon: DVD at FilmBaby: DVD-R from Camerado: iPod Ready MP4 from the iPodMovieZone: Performance DVD-R…


The Compleat Online Discussion re: controversy surrounding the Santa Fe Film Fest’s screening of SUSAN HERO (since re-titled to “Lost In New Mexico”)

The F*ck Up ~ Starring ~ Jason Rosette………..As the FilmmakerStephen Rubin………As the Director, Santa Fe Film FestivalJon Bowman…………As the Elusive Founder, Santa Fe Film Festival~and~Dr. Alan Rice………..Actor-Physicist gone Haywire~ with Other Special…