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‘FREEDOM DEAL’ a New Movie by Camerado Southeast Asia FESTIVAL SELECTIONS

‘FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky’, (RT 25:00 Release 2013), an historical dramatic movie made in Cambodia Southeast Asia and set in 1970 during the US-Vietnam conflict’s ‘Cambodia Incursion’, has been selected…


2013 Cambodian Cinemas Update

Just back from Kampot, Cambodia, location of the historic CAMBOFEST, Cambodia Film Festival 3rd Edition (, where CamboFest staffers re-discovered and revived the once popular vintage Cambodian cinema house, the ROYAL, est….


FREEDOM DEAL Local Casting Session #3 in Phnom Penh, 5/26/12

Met with more talent today, for Camerado’s FREEDOM DEAL feature effort here in Phnom Penh Cambodia; this was local casting session #3.We’re currently running Cambodia’s first-ever crowd funding campaign for a feature…


Cambodia’s first ever crowd-funded feature, FREEDOM DEAL, needs your support!  IndieGogo, or   TAX DEDUCTIBLE (non-crowd funding link) through US fiscal sponsor, Media AllianceFREEDOM DEAL,  a Supernatural Feature Drama set in Cambodia During Nixon’s 1970 Cambodia Incursion, as the Vietnam War expands across the…


Support the re-birth of cinema in a developing country: CAMBOFEST, Cambodia!

Support Cambodia’s Indie Film Festival, CAMBOFEST! Contribute to the rebirth of cinema culture in Asia: Support CAMBOFEST, Cambodia CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia ( enters its 4th edition on March…


Reading the script [Part 1] from FREEDOM DEAL, the Vietnam War era feature by Camerado

…visit Camerado’s page at Podomatic for more information and to track the progress of this new and unique feature movie project by Camerado! => Posted via email from Camerado @ Posterous…


‘NANOOK OF THE NORTH’ to premiere in Cambodia…88 years after its initial release at CAMBOFEST, Cambodia

‘NANOOK OF THE NORTH’ to premiere in Cambodia…88 years after its initial release at CAMBOFEST, Cambodia Robert Flaherty’s ‘Nanook of the North’, considered to be the first feature-length documentary, will at last…