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2013 Cambodian Cinemas Update

Just back from Kampot, Cambodia, location of the historic CAMBOFEST, Cambodia Film Festival 3rd Edition (, where CamboFest staffers re-discovered and revived the once popular vintage Cambodian cinema house, the ROYAL, est….


6/12/12 Update from the ‘Freedom Deal’ Movie Project in Cambodia

Hello From Camerado and the ‘FREEDOM DEAL’ Film Team in Cambodia – only  1 Day+ Left  (*see below)   “I’m a big fan of (Freedom Deal writer-director) Jason Rosette  and also of this…


Easy 100% Tax-Deduction for Supporting US-Asian Feature Co-Production, FREEDOM DEAL

Download, Print, & Share the One-Page PDF with all details about how you (if you are a US taxpayer) can make a quick and simple 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION to our Cambodian-based…


Cambodia’s first ever crowd-funded feature, FREEDOM DEAL, needs your support!  IndieGogo, or   TAX DEDUCTIBLE (non-crowd funding link) through US fiscal sponsor, Media AllianceFREEDOM DEAL,  a Supernatural Feature Drama set in Cambodia During Nixon’s 1970 Cambodia Incursion, as the Vietnam War expands across the…


Motion Capture for Animation Project in Bangkok

Motion capture session here in Bangkok for an animated feature I was hired to co-write. Multiple motion capture cameras ranged around the studio shoot off of reflective beads/balls placed on actor’s joints, interpolating…


Cambodian filmmaker Yvon Hem receives his Grabay Meas (‘Golden Waterbuffalo’) trophy from CAMBOFEST, Cambodia

Photo of legendary Cambodian filmmaker Yvon Hem with the Grabay Meas (‘Golden Waterbuffalo’) trophy for his film, ‘Shadow of Darkness’, which screened at CamboFest ( 3.0 2553/2009 Edition. Trophies from last year…


Camerado’s Jason Rosette concludes postproduction supervision and editing on ‘Pirate’s Curse’

A scene from ‘Pirate’s Curse’, (c) Location Thailand/Studio Asia, Ltd. Camerado director Jason Rosette was brought onboard as editor and post production supervisor to conduct successful forensic story reconstruction, while contributing additional…


Lineup Announced for BANGKOK INDIEFEST 1.0 (2010/2553) Edition

Selections for BANGKOK INDIEFEST 1.0 (Detailed schedule and film info to be posted @ shortly) Note: Schedule TBA; additional films may be added August 6-8 2553 BANGKOK, Thailand   10…