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‘BURMA BONG’ & Other Short Asian Movies now on DVD & VOD

Viral Stoner Classic, ‘BURMA BONG’ and other great short movies from Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar by filmmaker Jason Rosette (aka Jack RO) now available on DVD and VOD! Physical DVD-R with Custom…


Motion Capture for Animation Project in Bangkok

Motion capture session here in Bangkok for an animated feature I was hired to co-write. Multiple motion capture cameras ranged around the studio shoot off of reflective beads/balls placed on actor’s joints, interpolating…


Co-writing a feature animation script in Bangkok

As seen here…output from ultra-portable netbook to big-ass Plasma TV allows for easy, on-the-fly client participation. Contact Camerado writer-director J Rosette with screenwriting and script doctoring inquries… (See ongoing screenwriting portfolio HERE) CAMERADO…


Camerado’s Jason Rosette concludes postproduction supervision and editing on ‘Pirate’s Curse’

A scene from ‘Pirate’s Curse’, (c) Location Thailand/Studio Asia, Ltd. Camerado director Jason Rosette was brought onboard as editor and post production supervisor to conduct successful forensic story reconstruction, while contributing additional…