Viral Stoner Classic, ‘BURMA BONG’ and other great short movies from Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar by filmmaker Jason Rosette (aka Jack RO) now available on DVD and VOD!

Physical DVD-R with Custom artwork Only $9.99

Both DVD & Virtual DVD Collection Includes:

1) CRAB LADIES – Cambodia, 2011 (Running Time 10:30) 
A dreamlike, impressionistic portrait of crab selling ladies of coastal Cambodia. ** Official Festival Selection, Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival ** 
2) MYSTERIOUS WORKERS ATOP BOKOR MOUNTAIN  – Cambodia 2012 (Running Time 5:30) 
The old French colonial hill station atop Bokor mountain in Cambodia is currently being renovated (in 2012) into a modern mega-resort and casino. All that remains of the old hill station are a few dilapidated structures…and a curious UFO-shaped tower. An army of mysterious workers silently construct the new project – but are they being subliminally guided by the UFO-shaped object? 
3) BANGKOK TRAFFIC – Thailand, 2012 (Running Time 2:10) 
Gorgeous and surreal time lapse based movie featuring traffic flow patterns in Bangkok, Thailand. Composed of thousands of individual high resolution photos – requiring 24 photos for a single second of video. ** Official Selection, 2013 Florida Film Festival ** 
4) BURMA BONG – Myanmar (Running Time 10:16) 
A group of hikers leave their passports behind, take a shotgun and a rifle, and head into the remote forests of Myanmar. Once in Burma, a pair of kindly rangers make a bong from bamboo in the surrounding forest and fire it up…demonstrating the ultimate in ‘green travel’ 
5) I’M SORRY I FORGOT – Cambodia, 2010 (Running Time 1:00) 
A cameraman, an orangutan…and a missed meal! 
** Official Selection Florida Film Festival / Official Selection New Filmmakers NYC ** 

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