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Cambodia’s first ever crowd-funded feature, FREEDOM DEAL, needs your support!  IndieGogo, or   TAX DEDUCTIBLE (non-crowd funding link) through US fiscal sponsor, Media AllianceFREEDOM DEAL,  a Supernatural Feature Drama set in Cambodia During Nixon’s 1970 Cambodia Incursion, as the Vietnam War expands across the…


A Unique Asian Street-Level Photography Exhibition

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA, April 20, 2012: An unusual street-level photo exhibit launched in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, heralding a new and unique approach to location street photography & exhibition: ‘Personalities of the Cambodian…


:: Stills, Video, and Other Content from CAMBOFEST’s Historic 3rd Edition ::

CamboFest was held for its 3rd (2009) edition, in the vintage ‘Royal’ cinema house in Cambodia, a pre-Khmer Rouge era Cambodian cinema hall which CamboFest brought back to life with a custom…