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Camerado’s Observations on Pirate Movie Exhibition in Cambodia

Currently, foreign-run pirate movie venues in Cambodia are thriving now more than ever, and they continue to rip off filmmakers and studios while negatively impacting Cambodia’s reputation in the international media trade….


Camerado’s notes to emerging Cambodian filmmakers to help develop & improve their industry

(the following onesheet was provided in hardcopy format to emering Cambodian filmmakers and youth at the 2012 FilmCamp in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in response the question: “What can we do to develop…


Now welcoming guests: one of Cambodia’s few remaining vintage cinemas, the ‘Royal’

Now welcoming guests in Kampot, Cambodia: one of Cambodia’s few remaining vintage cinemas, the ‘Royal’: a living relic of the silver screen, whose kindly caretakers invite folks to stop by and take…


:: Stills, Video, and Other Content from CAMBOFEST’s Historic 3rd Edition ::

CamboFest was held for its 3rd (2009) edition, in the vintage ‘Royal’ cinema house in Cambodia, a pre-Khmer Rouge era Cambodian cinema hall which CamboFest brought back to life with a custom…