Hello From Camerado and the ‘FREEDOM DEAL’ Film Team in Cambodia – only  1 Day+ Left  (*see below)
“I’m a big fan of (Freedom Deal writer-director) Jason Rosette 
and also of this project” 
Judy Henry, Producer, Gold’n Hen Prods. Hollywood, CA – and Freedom Deal contributor
“Looking for a good indie
film to support? Read about this one” –
Nelson, Nelson-Madison Films & Indie Rights, Contributor to ‘Freedom Deal’
UPDATED 6/12/12: Please note the following ongoing updates about our movie and media making activities in Southeast Asia, including the Countdown to our Fundraising Goal for ‘Freedom Deal’ on IndieGogo
>The Washington Post reports on the Presidency of Nixon 40 years after Watergate – “Nixon was far worse than we thought“: offering insights on the Watergate scandal and an era of covert executive behavior extending all the way back to the ‘Freedom Deal’ period in Cambodia, including the secretly ordered 1970 ‘Cambodian Incursion’ which was protested so tragically at Kent State University.
> New global supporters of the ‘Freedom Deal’ project over the past days include Chicago based lawyer Arnold Toole, an anonymous supporter who contributed $500; author Chris Thrall in Hong Kong; movie producer Judy Henry in Hollywood, CA; and others rolling in during the home stretch of our crowd funding component.
> Asians On Film  presents a video interview with ‘Freedom Deal’ filmmaker, writer, and co-producer Jason Rosette, who discusses the background of the project, the story, and its unique US-Asian (Cambodian)
perspective. Direct link to the interview HERE.

Screen testing talent in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
> We have a great write up in The Independent film journal about the
‘Freedom Deal’ feature film effort, with a discussion of the incredible
challenges of producing a pioneering film like this in the developing country environment of Cambodia. 
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>We’ve compiled a free ebook about the making of ‘Freedom Deal’ here in Cambodia, as a case study at producing indie films in a global/developing context; Get the  Viewer and Download Link HERE

> Only 1 Day+ to reach our fundraising target for this stage of ‘Freedom

If you haven’t had an opportunity to contribute to ‘Freedom Deal’ yet, please support our independent filmmaking effort here in CambodiaYour participation now is a vital link to the production of the full-length feature film, and will never be forgotten!

We’re working on the cutting edge of global cinema here in Cambodia – without
rebates, incentives, grants, or government funding, making the first ever
dramatic film about a largely overlooked part of the US-Vietnam conflict, taking place during Nixon’s 1970 ‘Cambodian Incursion’.

This was a secretly launched military operation that many Americans and other Westerners associate with the killing of unarmed students at Kent State and Jackson State universities – students who were protesting this expansion of the war into Cambodia. 

But the Cambodian side of this chapter in US-Asian history has never been told…until now:

FREEDOM DEAL: the Story of ‘Lucky’  

Contribute at the ‘Freedom Deal’ fundraising campaign at IndieGogo

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international news media, screen magazines, movie blogs, and other publications that can help further our exposure and publicity.
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Thanks much for your interest, and any support of our projects here in the developing world and beyond.

All the Best,
The Camerado SE Asia Team


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