Download, Print, & Share the One-Page PDF with all details about how you (if you are a US taxpayer) can make a quick and simple 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION to our Cambodian-based dramatic social issue feature film, ‘FREEDOM DEAL” – an unprecedented US-Asian co-production taking place during Nixon’s 1970 ‘Cambodian Incursion’, a lesser known but critical part of the US-Vietnam and Indochina conflict…

…told from the perspective of the Cambodian people, as never before in cinema history.

All US taxpayers will receive a 100% 501 (c) 3 TAX DEDUCTION courtesy of our non-profit fiscal partner, the MEDIA ALLIANCE.

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Make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION to our Vietnam War-era feature drama taking place in 1970, CAMBODIA:
The Story of Samnang (‘Lucky’)
A historical-based dramatic feature film set in Cambodia during the expansion of the US-Vietnam conflict in 1970, in Nixon’s ‘Cambodian Incursion’…this Vietnam War-era  movie is told, uniquely, for the first time ever, from the Cambodian perspective! (‘Fascinating’ – Focus Features)
LOGLINE/SYNOPSIS: SPRING, 1970. A Cambodian youth named Samnang (‘Lucky’) rescues downed US airmen, while evading horrific Cambodian ghosts and foiling Khmer Rouge guerillas, as he journeys to the safety of the provincial capital.
*Writers Guild # 1467328 (10th Draft) *SAG-AFTRA signatory in process
After half a decade of research in Cambodia, ‘FREEDOM DEAL’ is now in preparation to shoot in Cambodia in some of the actual locations where the Incursion occurred.
Help us get this unique story told, while getting some great perks and film credits as well  – contact the producers at CAMERADO
Mail your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION*, (*US Taxpayers) in any amount, to our Official Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Fiscal Sponsor:
media alliance (Media Alliance)
Pls. Memo on your check: ‘Freedom Deal Movie Project’
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