‘NANOOK OF THE NORTH’ to premiere in Cambodia…88 years after its initial release at CAMBOFEST, Cambodia

Robert Flaherty’s ‘Nanook of the North’, considered to be the first feature-length documentary, will at last officially premiere in Cambodia, no less than eighty-eight years after its release.

CamboFest: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia (www.cambofest.com) has confirmed with the permission of The Flaherty/International Film Seminars, Inc. that Flaherty’s classic 1922 arctic documentary will have its long awaited Cambodian theatrical premiere at the upcoming 4th edition of CamboFest, scheduled to run March 1-9, 2011, with selected previews in Phnom Penh in December 2010.

A grass roots, private sector event, CamboFest is the longest running international movie festival in Cambodia. Documentaries, animation, shorts, features, and local Cambodian films are programmed in broad-themed, ‘primarily entertaining’ strands, with the intention of helping to revive a bona-fide motion picture industry in that developing country.

The festival also serves to promote awareness of IP (Intellectual Property) practices in the Cambodian media and motion picture sector by securing public performance permissions for every movie screened, the exception in an otherwise piracy-prone region.

The festival is currently seeking an additional generator and other equipment for outdoor rural exhibitions in impoverished areas. Contributors and other interested parties can obtain more information about how to participate at the CamboFest website, www.cambofest.com

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