Met with more talent today, for Camerado’s FREEDOM DEAL feature effort here in Phnom Penh Cambodia; this was local casting session #3.

We’re currently running Cambodia’s first-ever crowd funding campaign for a feature film to help raise funds to shoot a section of the full length movie; contribute and participate in our effort on IndieGogo at:

In particular (and most challenging to find) we met with four contenders for the role of ‘Nuon’ , the musician/refugee who plays a Cambodian instrument called the Tro Khmer.

In the ‘Freedom Deal’ story, Nuon and the young protagonist, Samnang (‘Lucky’) make their way on foot to the safety of the provincial capital as the civil war expands into Cambodia.

‘Freedom Deal’ takes place during the 1970 US-ARVN ‘Cambodian Incursion’, during which Nixon sought to locate and destroy NVA & Viet Cong sanctuaries inside the Cambodian border.

This Cambodian incursion led to widespread protests back in the US, including those at Kent State and Jackson State Universities, which led the shooting deaths of unarmed students protesting the perceived expansion of the war.

‘Freedom Deal’ tells this story uniquely from the Cambodian perspective, with the input of a few US GI characters – including ‘redneck philosopher’, Private Douglas “Shaky” Griffith. (Western roles to be cast later, pending completion of this first component)

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