Camerado News and Updates


Quack Update

Continued editing the scene with Morell and Javier in Morel;l’s lair. Some lighting issues, nothing severe; aciting by both is fabulous, Morell is very very real and very convincing. (Morell is played…


Colonel Panic and the Lost Data

Finally solved the OS X problem, which had led me into single-user, UNIX command line only territory, by re-installing a system from scratch (though I was running 10.2.8 and the only replacement…


A Couple Dreams * Death of my Crazy Relative

Had a couple vivid dreams last night: I the first, I was in some kind of tomb or temple, and ancient place with various relics still lying around, although the place had…


Weird Trip, Continued / Mac OSX Blues

Spending heaps of time burning a bootable OSX Cd so I can repair permissions on my boot volume, “New Brain”, which will allow me to continue editing Susan Hero in trouble free…


Weird Trip to The Coast / Editing at Last

[From “HURRICANE”, the uncensored production diary of the making of Susan Hero] Anyway, just finished polishing the first real scene, the scene between Lonnie and Waseta and their powerful mysterious “moment” together….


(((In the Spirit of William Blake)))

Old Bill Blake, by the way, was a successful engraver and sold a lot of his work at his workshop by the side of the road — an early example of vertical…


FILMMAKERS: Beware of former Independent Film Channel Buyer Kelly Devine! (*now with the Global Peace Film Festival)

Update September 15, 2016: Just going through old blog posts and have noticed this one; unfortunately, it still remains unresolved, so am leaving it as is until it may eventually be addressed,…


More Reactions to the Footage from Susan Hero

Have been busy logging, and working a lot, thus tired and not inthe mood to write too much, but I’m struck by the great performances of all the emerging local actors we…


Early Verdict on ‘Susan Hero”

After watching over half of the footage, 20 hours thus far, again after nearly a year — much of that due to chronic homelessness, in part caused by the unethically pulled HD…


Somehow we’re moving again

Too busy (literally back to back blocks of time with no slack) to write in the blog since last time. Rented a deck from a local Khmer production house for $50 precious…