Came across a lost page of the Bible today, it fluttered down form the Tamarind tree…

Felt like the ultimate loser yesterday, very doubtful about everything. What am I doing here? Then again, I have a place to live and a working space, whereas I was at one point reduced to living on foodstamps in New Mexico (read about it in HURRICANE) Here, I have steady work —too much work, albeit it teaching–here in Cambodia, and I was just barely scraping by in New Mexico…also in New York.

Go figure. Just some passing doubts, but as the Bard says, doubts can be our traitors in the end.

More editing, I throw hours at the movie as best I can. Susan Hero is finally cooking. Nice sequences, also figured out a workaround re: the 32K ->48K audio problem.

I know who I am and what I’m doing, but I don’t know if I can explain it. To everyone else, the moves don’t quite make sense. When the picture’s done though, looking back, everyone will slap me on the back and comment on how great everything worked out.

Til then, I’m invisible, a shadow.

Hope to have a solid cut to submit to Sundance in October, definitely achieveable.

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