Continued editing the scene with Morell and Javier in Morel;l’s lair. Some lighting issues, nothing severe; aciting by both is fabulous, Morell is very very real and very convincing. (Morell is played by Dr. Alan Rice, actor and scientist, who took a break from working with New York’s Museum of Natural History to play the part)

Javier is also very convincing, played by Jaime Estrada; I remember almost not being able to call Jaime after he auditioned because he didn’t have his number on his photo!

Anyway, it’s the slow long marathon now in earnest, and as long as I can throw three or four or more hours aday at the picture, it’ll right itself.

Now attempting to download the 10.2.8 combo updater from Apple, but can only do this at the INternet cafe and I need an hour and a half here to do it. [97 Megs]

More later…

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