Had a couple vivid dreams last night:


the first, I was in some kind of tomb or temple, and ancient place with various relics still lying around, although the place had clearly been looted.

I believe I was there with some kind of team or group: nearby, occasionaly coins littered the floor.

At one point, it became apparent that we had to prepare for some kind of promotion, the launch of a new liquor which cam e in very small bottles.

So we began to package each relic with a small bottle of liquor, the bottles bore a fancy French script, though I don’t recall what they said.

Suddenly, one of my colleagues swung open a huge panel on a sort of entertainment center, revealing a well stocked liquor cabinet behind it.

“See”, he said, as if to show that there were more…


I was faced with the prospect of heading home to the US; I fell into a panic, realizing that everything I’d worked for in my new world would come to an end.

“Don’t you see, I like this place like I used to like New York?” I said

A wave of sadness hit me, and I realized that I must pack my bags…

Of course, when I woke up and realized it was just a dream, I stretched and smiled and felt great.


[This is NOT a dream]

I noted earlier somehwere a relative of mine we’d seen on TV back in Ohio when I was growing up: those days being the days of George, our great arboreal mutt who remsembled (uncannily) Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, down to the fact that he often preferred to sleep inside of garbage cans, especially if he were left in the garage overnight, his chosen home and barrier against the elements…

Anyway, there we were watching TV on Mom’s Trinitron, the news for some reason, when the reporter starts interviewing a few residents of a local institution where there had been reports of foul play and abuse of some of the residents.

A long faced, Saturnine fellow appeared on screen.

“They’ve been keeping our cigarettes from us, they won’t let us have them”

Then, the lower third title card appeareared, revealling the name of the interviewee: the last name was ROSETTE, my last name.

Turns out this was a relative on my Dad’s side, a relative I didn’t even know about.

Anyway, I received news yesterday from my Mom, via my Uncle, that he just died.

Didn’t know him at all…but I still felt a little absent about it.

Anyway, OSX problems galore, sue to an uninstaller problem on Palm software, now my partition won’t boot. Thus I might have to (try) to coninue editing on OS 9, luckily the version of Final Cut I’m using (3.0) works on both systems.

Also: word came from the NGO Forum: they want me to make their doc at last, papers to be signed early next week.

Bank account info for me: Wells Fargo -> $7.00
Citibank: $170.00
Cash on Hand: $400
Cash Due in from NY State: $500

And that’s IT. That’s all I’ve got, yet somehow I’ll keep plowing ahead and pull these movies together.

Too bad NYU never sent me my tuition money back, I’d send a letter to President John Sexton last year asking for my money back because I was dissatisfied with the product (the education)

Never heard from him…sent another letter but still no response.

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