Have been busy logging, and working a lot, thus tired and not inthe mood to write too much, but I’m struck by the great performances of all the emerging local actors we used in the picture: Jaime Estrada (javier Appollinaire) Drea Pressley (Susan) Dr Morell (Alan Rice), Lonnie (Dave Paytayamo) everyone is spot on and very authentic, great naturalistic performances.

Almost documentary like, nothing is “over the top”, everything modulated well and it’s really a pleasure to see after all this time– all this frustration, agonizing waiting, hustling, worrying, scraping, trying to get by, enduring the b*llshit bogus deal from HD Cinema 10 –which was really very very diappointing and made me want to give up filmmaking…

Anyway, it’s like some shining fruit that’s fallen into my lap, fallen from a tree like one of the juicy Cambodian mangoes.

ON the downside, I’m lower in cash than I’ve been since HIGH SCHOOL, and word is the school where I teach will be late with pay. Also, heard back from Sundance about ‘Angkor Rapper” a documentary project I picthed to them for the doc fund, and they passed.

Don’t know how I’ll get by, though I have some new jobs starting up soon. Once I recover from the expense of renting the deck (twice) and buying one of the two hard drives, I should be OK, knock on wood.

All I can do is pray to the Muse that I can keep hammering away to perfect this movie, and my overall art and craft (and make some money on the picture too when it’s done!)

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