Finally solved the OS X problem, which had led me into single-user, UNIX command line only territory, by re-installing a system from scratch (though I was running 10.2.8 and the only replacement I could find here in Phnom Penh was 10.2)

In short, I was getting what’s known as a recurring “kernel panic”, the rough Mac equivalent of the “Blue screen of death” known so well in the world of Windows.

Spent many a red-eyed hour on this frigging problem, days and hours when I could’a been outside frolicing, but I had to stay inside and be a tech-geek.

And of course it’s in moments like these that you really have to hold onto your hat, because there’s and incredible urge to take the whole f*cking rig and throw it in the damn bamboo swimming pool and call it off.

Forgot to mention as well that, in the process of reinstalling the system software, accidentally deleted a partition which had a lot of non-critical material on it: photos, some software.

**Thanks above all to Palm Desktop, whose faulty installer hung a couple days ago during what should have been a routine installation, which in turn started this mess in the first place.**

Anyway, had a good day of editing again, because now my system, now lean and streamlined, can edit in FCP 3.0. Back int the saddle, and it feels great. Somehow, things keep moving forward. Began cutting the scenes with Javier in Morel’s lair. There’s a great moment that worked really, well, where Morell–thinking Javier is an agent from the FDA–clubs him on the head with a chair leg.

Now, the sound of the chairleg hitting his head was take from an outtake where Alan Rice (playing Morell) had dropped the chair leg on the floor.

Replaced and synced over the moment of impact, it’s incredibly effective.

Slowly, achingly, agonziongly, it’s coming together. Have all but tossed aside any notion of forcing myself to meet a deadline, don’t want to add to my difficulties at this point. Not only do I have to work, and HUNT for work, but I have to try to scrape up the time to edit.

**This process, although I wanted to avoid it again, is remarkably like the gruelling marathonic process required to edit BookWars–something I hoped to avoid, considering BookWars was nominally successful, especially for it being a first film.**

Thus, this picture might take another couple years to complete, though I’d like to get it done sooner. Much sooner. And if I repeat the pattern established in BookWars, I’ll end up getting married again!

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