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Commencing Phase II of FREEDOM DEAL script component in Cambodia

Phase II of script component (completion of first draft and workshopping) commencing now in Cambodia. Writing add’l script in Cambodia for FREEDOM DEAL FREEDOM DEAL, the 3rd feature by Camerado ( has…


Cambodian filmmaker Yvon Hem receives his Grabay Meas (‘Golden Waterbuffalo’) trophy from CAMBOFEST, Cambodia

Photo of legendary Cambodian filmmaker Yvon Hem with the Grabay Meas (‘Golden Waterbuffalo’) trophy for his film, ‘Shadow of Darkness’, which screened at CamboFest ( 3.0 2553/2009 Edition. Trophies from last year…


Reading the script [Part 1] from FREEDOM DEAL, the Vietnam War era feature by Camerado

…visit Camerado’s page at Podomatic for more information and to track the progress of this new and unique feature movie project by Camerado! => Posted via email from Camerado @ Posterous…


CAMERADO Contributors Page

Welcome to the Camerado Contributor’s Page! Camerado is an innovative, grass roots media production and consultation group located in SE Asia (in Cambodia since 2005) We are currently producing and developing a…