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New Short Drone documentary, ‘Of Tears and the Sea’ produced by Camerado Media, Enters Festival Consideration

A new aerial UAV (drone) documentary, ‘Of Tears and the Sea’ – produced by Camerado Media filmmaker Jason Rosette in Cambodia, now enters festival consideration. High altitude view of Cambodia salt fields…


Camerado’s feature film now part of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), New York City Circulating films collection

Camerado’s first feature film, the jazzy and impressionistic New York indie classic movie ‘BookWars‘ (written, directed, and edited by Jason Rosette) joins the company of the films of Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono…


New Filmmaking eBook by Camerado producer, Jason Rosette ‘10,000 Miles to Go – an American Filmmaking Odyssey’

New eBook on the process of bootstrapping an award winning feature film from the ground up! ‘10,000 Miles to Go – An American Filmmaking Odyssey’ is an unfiltered discussion with writer-director Jason…


New eBook of Camerado’s award winning New York City literary documentary, ‘BOOKWARS’

Get it INSTANTLY and WIRELESSLY from Amazon Kindle HERE Announcing…a new eBook in support of the 15th Anniversary Release of Camerado’s groundbreaking indie classic feature New York documentary, ‘BOOKWARS’. ‘TERRIFIC’ – LA TIMES…