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Announcing…a new eBook in support of the 15th Anniversary Release of Camerado’s groundbreaking indie classic feature New York documentary, ‘BOOKWARS’.

ebook for the movie bookwars, also known as book wars, produced by Camerado media‘TERRIFIC’ – LA TIMES * ‘SUPERB…MESMERIZING’ – NY FILM CRITICS CIRCLE * ‘HILARIOUS’ – THE NEW YORKER // An Accompanying Text to the Award Winning Documentary, ‘BOOKWARS’, Written and Directed by Filmmaker, Jason Rosette, in Support of the 15-Year Anniversary of the Original Release of this Groundbreaking Movie.

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Released in the year 2000, ‘BOOKWARS’ has been broadcast and screened around the world, yet continues to be enjoyed today as a literary cult classic movie nearly 15 years after its initial release. Heralded as ‘Mesmerizing’ (NY Film Critics Circle), this compelling first person documentary paved the way for an emerging factual & reality TV programming industry (‘ Storage Wars’ ‘Abalone Wars’, et. al.) which adopted the pioneering styles and techniques first introduced in ‘BookWars’.

This eBook contains unique first-person insights from the filmmaker, Jason Rosette, as he discusses the making of this groundbreaking documentary in detail for the first time, while including links to the movie on Amazon, along with a complete transcript of shots and dialogue to accompany the reader while viewing the film.

Selected stills with annotations and links to other projects by the same filmmaker and production company also listed.

(*NOTE: This is the historic FIRST EDITION and revision of this eBook; future editions and modifications with additional content will be released periodically, i.e., annually, semi-annually, etc)

Produced and Published by Camerado Movies and Media (c) 2014 Jason Rosette * Camerado