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SUSAN HERO brings new life to the 2007 Bangkok Film Market!

SUSAN HERO, our American “indie cloning thriller” [FILMMAKER MAG] lent a refreshing change of pace to the genre-action flick dominated Bangkok Film Market late yeaterday afternoon.Among those folks escaping the other market…


SUSAN HERO to have its European Premiere in Greece!

…at the 9th International Panorama for Independent Filmmakers in Patras City, Greece, from 21 to 29 of September of 2007! Find out more at: CAMERADO Movies and Media


In Bangkok, putting together US trip for movie stuff

Currently in Bangkok, poking around for tickets to head back to US to promote a few projects and finally oversee the proper launch of SUSAN HERO…so a little in limbo til I…


Ahem…yes, we have been a little A.W.O.L

Apologies for not updating the Camerado Blog, BLOGGERADO for so long; to be honest, had been pouring so much time and effort into the first indie film fest in Cambodia, CAMBOFEST that…


((( Call for Entries ))) CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia

Here it is…welcoming submissions from filmmakers across the globe! THE FIRST ANNUAL CAMBOFEST: FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL OF CAMBODIA! The Cambodia Film and Video Festival (CamboFest) aims to be the firstregular film…


My final reply to NYU re: the termite eaten diploma/SMACKDOWN

Herewith, my final reply to NYU regarding the diploma: From: “J Rosette” Subject: Re: Replacement DiplomaDate: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 18:26:30 -0700To: Christopher L James It’s OK, actually if I need it…


Reply from NYU regarding my Termite-eaten Diploma

Recently asked NYU to plaease waive the $50 replacement fee for the diploma I had here in Cambodia which was regrettably eaten by termites (as described in earlier post) Here’s their response:…


Termites ate my Diploma

Yep. Came back from the research trip up North to continue clearing out my office space downtown. I’d placed my Diploma, framed nicely, on the floor near the corner out of the…


Anyone for BREAKFAST?

No, not at Denny’s–up at Base Area 353, near the town of Memot in Cambodia, not far from the Vietnam border. The US bombed the hell out of this and other suspected…


** Massive Update **

Lots of stuff going on; the truth is, just don’t have TIME to update the blog so often. In short: 1) Did a group screening at a robotics workshop in NYC to…