I’m zonked; just about run ragged from hauling my ass all over this dusty town (Phnom Penh) in search of teaching gigs, meeting with potential doc folks, etc. Plus it’s as hot as a motherf*cker today, the Nagas are laughing at me as they play in their pools.

Went and taught the guy from the Finance Minsirty this morning for a couple hours; funny guy, very unassuming, but lives in a huge, California blue compound ringed by razor wire on the far side of town…hmmm…

Have to renew the Visa in a couple days. Choices are to go to POinpet on the border with Thailand and get a new one, a business visa this time (should done this in the first place), or head back to Saigon where I’m in good with a language school, plus they have some money there for me they’re holding. Would then spent a couple months just teaching, generating experience and revenue.

Ah, but what about Susan Hero? I’ve got a couple emails from Giacomo I have’t read yet, he continues to move forward on the picture while I hammer away in order to survive and/or prosper…

Hey, at least I’ve got a roof over my head (my own roof), more than I can say in New mexico after shooting Susan Hero, when I’d overspent and thus had to sleep in my car–or at the horrible cat lady’s place in Santa Fe (read HURRICANE for complete details on this)!

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