Yea, verily I chip away at the indigenous doc whilst I continue cutting Susan Hero; as for the latter, now figuring out how and when to load the second half of the material (15 more hours) which will be the final batch of material needed to make the picture ocme together.

Will I make the Sundance submisison deadline in October? Hope so, but if not, then f*ck it, the movie’s ready when it’s ready.

Some limitations are: very few NTSC decks to be had here, and I need one to load this NTSC footage. The Windows machine functions well, though Quicktime is a more robust format I think than .avi.

Besides this: no more teaching, that gig ended as mentioned ( I think), some late night sessions at Martini’s restaurant / girl-garden, installing software, troubleshooting systems…am back to the Internet cafe since we’re changing our service provider, over here in Kampuchea you have to pay by the Megabyte for web traffic and this can lead to the usual corruption and overcharging on the part of the service provider.

Peanut butter, bananna and blackcurrant jam sandwhiches for breakfast; seafood soup or Lok Lak for lunch; pork shishkebabs for dinner; pasta and tuna fish when money’s tight; pineapples and papayas from the fruit man’s wagon; Special Three Ply sandwhiches from Mondo BUrger when I’m busy editing or too lazy to go out (delivered for 500 riel).

Sounds like the old days in New York! (Except my rent, office included, is ONE FOURTH what I was paying, and I’m actually being paid at last to work in my field, on commission.)

By the way, and this is mentioned at length in HURRICANE, the hard copy version of this Blog, seems like the Cheerleader and the Embezzler (GW and Cheney, respectively)
are finally being found out for what they always have been: shams, deceptive con-men who have latched onto the teat of America for far too long.

To wit: the other week I took worm pills to make sure I harbored no parasites. It’s high time America took some worm pills to get rid of those con-men once and for all–the whole Iraq war being nothing more than an elaborate front from which to profiteer.

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