Well,no further run ins for now with the psychoticmissionary,so for now at least I can breath easy and enjoy life once again.

On another note,no breakthroughs with SUSAN HERO, our cloning road movie, and I fear that I mayy have to go back to the US in order to oversee and assist with another edit to furthersmooth and polish it, hopefully nothingmore substantial than this.

Problem is I’m all tied up now with this new Wildaid biodiversity doc and I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to go back tothe US. Has been almost a year and a halfsince I set foot there, somehwat ambivalent about going back.

My Khmer is improving and I’m now able to meet and chat with plenty more Cambodian women (see photo); still having trouble with the alphabet, but I find that editing amovie in Khmer, having to listen tothe words over and over again, helps tremendously.

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