Too busy (literally back to back blocks of time with no slack) to write in the blog since last time. Rented a deck from a local Khmer production house for $50 precious dollars and tried to load the first reels of footage onto my hard drive, but a mysterious firewire error kept me down. My laptop –old, weathered, creaking — is starting to go I can feel it.

Anyway, after a marathon 48 hour loading session, I discovered that all the footage would have to be reloaded, and the $50 bucks was gone as well. F*ck.

Thus, after another gruelling week of teaching and hustling to survive, managed to borrow a deck from A local company here, Fit Media, one of the guys who runs the place is also an American…anyway he lent me their deck for the weekend and again, another 48 hour mrathon session…

Still had the firewire bugs but somehow managed to load 225 gigs of material willload the other half in the near future.

Believe the case for the firewire enclosure could be faulty, it certainly heats up more than I am comfortable.

Now, 6AM, heading to my morning class. No time. Little pay.

Did enyone every mention that most filmmakers who “make it”, esp doc folks, come from wealthy/patrician families to begin with? It’s true, not being cynical, etc, just its objectively true.

(Except that most don’t like to mention this, would rather cultivate their “war stories” instead. And how can you have a good war story when, in between your struggles, you’re going to the Catskills to relax?)

Anyway, finally started logging takes, and the project moves forward, somehow, once again. No catskills for me though, maybe a day or two in Sinnoukeville…

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