Or are they flies? Don’t know; but I see one of them sidling over to me, perhaps attracted to my aroma.

Away Vermin!!!


Tutored the offical again this morning for a couple hours, then took my first day off in a long while to chck out the Royal Palace here in Phnom Penh. Went into the fabulous SIlver Pagoda–entire floor lines with silver tiles, and went relatively untouched by the Khmer Rouge went they took power to show the world that they “care for Khmer culture”.

Went up into a small hilltop pagoda where the guard sat with some kind of inhaler, next to a Buddha statue, and occasionally whiffed in an odd orange smelling vapor. My Khmer isn’t good enough to ask him why or what he was inhaling.

Shortly after his final; whiff, a bevy of ladies entered and chatted with him in Khmer. He then took a shallow bowl from the corner which held some sort of fortune telling sheathes and asked one of the ladies to take the sheath; she placed it on her head and at random, picked a spot in the sheath with a wooden stick and handed the sheath back tohim.

He read/interpreted what it sdaid to her and smiled.

She seemed happy…

Day after tomorrow, I’ll leave the Okay guesthouse (that’s it’s name: the Okay guesthouse) to stash my stuff at Babel Studios, right around the corner from the Tuol Sleng genecide museum (the infamous Khmer Rouge torture prison, S21), and John from Babel studios and I will make a brief expedition up North to Ratanakiri to see if we can drum up some documentary ideas and work regarding hilltribes, indiginous peoples, etc.

G has sent the rough cut of Susan Hero to Michel Negroponte, my editor friend and friend Debbie Rosengerb, and to me…though my copy will arrive (if at all) in about two weeks.

More later…these little flies are back and they’re bugging the shit out of me.

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