Camerado’s original supernatural Asian historical dramatic movie, FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky, set along the Cambodia-Vietnam border in 1970 during the Vietnam conflict, continues to enjoy popular support and appreciation internationally – and on the ground in Cambodia in well.

A series of October 2014 sidewalk and street screenings in Phnom Penh and in the rural Cambodian countryside, demonstrated conclusively a striking level of popular local support for this pioneering onscreen supernatural historical drama.

Utilizing a network of volunteers operating battery powered Pico projections systems, and supported by two Beta-stage, CUDA accelerated PILGRIM media player systems (*designed by J “Jack RO” Rosette, director of CAMERADO and co-producer of FREEDOM DEAL – read more HERE), the successful October 2014 Cambodia screenings of FREEDOM DEAL conclusively demonstrated that the movie exhibits strong international crossover potential – bridging the gap between a local populist Asian sensibility and an international and Western moviegoing experience.

FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky, is based on a section of the expanded FREEDOM DEAL feature and episodic project currently in development. Following over half a decade of research in Cambodia, where writer-director J “Jack RO” Rosette lived and worked between 2005 and 2013, the FREEDOM DEAL story takes place at a critical juncture of Western-Asian history, during the little explored 1970 ‘Cambodia Incursion’. 

This military operation, launched jointly by US and Army of South Vietnam forces, drove into Cambodia to seek and destroy hidden North Vietnamese and Viet Cong sanctuaries.

Although the Cambodia Incursion was a military success, in that is effectively reduced rearguard and fank activity on forces planning to depart Vietnam while providing the beleagured Cambodian Lon Nol regime a ready supply of (captured) weapons, the operation was a political disaster for the Nixon administration which had previously articulated a plan to exit the Indochina conflict via a process of ‘Vietnamization’.  

In response to the Cambodian Incursion, protests erupted across the USA, culminating in the shooting deaths of students at Kent State and Jackson State Universities.

Even so….what was happening on the ground in Cambodia?  What was the local Asian experience?

For the first time ever onscreen, this pivotal moment in history is dramatized in FREEDOM DEAL from a local Cambodian point of view. The movie also features a supernatural folkloric twist, in the form of startling appearance of a spectral, vampiric floating head being known as an ‘ARB’ – appearing for the first time ever in a movie intended for international audiences.

Internationally, FREEDOM DEAL: Story of Lucky continues to ply the festival circuit, captivating many who know little about the 20th century conflicts in Indochina; a programmer at the USA based Highway 61 Film Festival sums up the reaction of many Westerners who encounter the FREEDOM DEAL project for the first time:

“A strong, interesting story with good characters and excellent acting. And the supernatural element was bizarre but just right for the story” – Highway 61 Film Festival

Find out more about ‘ The Story of Lucky’ and the feature and episodic components of the FREEDOM DEAL project at ~ International co-production inquiries regarding the FREEDOM DEAL feature and episodic projects, kindly contact 

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