Lotsa things happening, too numerous to mention. No bloggae for a while, have been working on HURICANE instead, which will be pubslihed as a cheap Cambodian pulp novel upon release of Susan Hero.

Speaking of which, Filmmaker Magazine has posted a great update of our exploits, with the slight misinfo regarding our shoot (which took place in working class, run down locations in Albuquerque, not Santa Fe…oh well…the blurb is still highly appreciated.

Anyway, now gearing up to helm a biodiversity doc in the remote Cardamom Mountains, one of the last global biodiversity hotspots, and truly wild and in some places still uncharted (first biodiversity survey over was conducted there in 2000)

So, as we wrangle equipment and try to prepro as best we can here in Phnom Penh, myself now also having to move simultaneous to the prepro action _-not helpful– my trusty Khmer Associate producer Chan Norn and I returned from the last gatherings of our essential items, esp mosquito nets as there is a very resistant form of Malaria in the Mt Samkos area where we will be shooting part of the time…also stocked good quantities of Malarine.

Thanks to Christine Rush, Cameradohad a booth at the Bangkok Film Market–the first ever attendee by a Cambodian company (myself and Chan Norn attending and eating free food courtesy of Jameson)

NOw tired and pecking belatedly here before we vanish intot he wilderness; will have a small generator and voltage regulator strapped to one of our motos for power during the shoot.

As if an omen of good luck, I rounded the corner of Long Ngeth and Sisowath to spy Sambo the elephant simultaneously jettisonning Wonderbread sized turds onto the pavement, while letting loose with a bucket like gusher of steaming piss–

And I saw the most blissful expression I ever have witnessed on her face (the elephant, I mean)

More later,

Thanks to Filmmaker Mag (again)


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