Just received the rough cut of Susan Hero, via poste restante, at the Phnom Penh post office. So far, so good: a little long and the pacing needs to be tightened, but the editor, Giacomo Ambrosini, has put in a lot of effort to make this the best cut yet–have’t watched it all though (very long–2 1/2 hours!) but so far things seem promising.

However, G (Giacomo) has a problem with the firewire bus on his computer, and from this point on we’re a bit stalled until we can get our equipment situation sorted out.

Ah, if only I were a minority filmmaker, not a rich white man, then I’d surely have access to more grant money. Or if I were a woman, or a “person of color”. Or if I were ethnically connected, like my Irish and Jewish friends. (not a joke or being bitter: it’s true)

“What’re you talking about, you’re a rich white dude from the suburbs.”

“Oh…yea…I forgot…uh, right.” (he says as he eats another handful of rice from the cooker and observes his bank account online–the lowest it’s been in FIFTEEN YEARS)

Anyway, regarding our need for equipment and assistance to move forward with Susan Hero: If anyone can offer some advice or assistance, let me know at–> camerado@camerado.com

Also: a logistical problem, since I’m located in Asia now and G is back in New York, and I’m disinclined to go back to NYC –or the States for that matter–for a while if I can help it.

To summarize, I left NYC for a variety of reasons, basically got sick of the ratrace there…still in a ratrace here, but it’s a much mellower ratrace, a race of lazy, sluggish, smiling rats with funny porkpie hats.

Not long after I’d made the deicison to leave NYC, to head out to New Mexico to make my second feature, SUsan Hero (back in 03′), I narrowly escaped (not bullshit) from a violent attempted kidnapping at gunpoint, a random crime by a coupple gangbangers and a BMW SUV…from that point on, I lost my taste for “urban America”. This essentially capped my decision to leave NYC, and I felt that it was a sign or taste of the decline of America which I sense may be underway right now, and which I hope to avoid.

Me (to the crime victim counselor)

“You know, after the kid with the afro put that gun in my face, I kinda’find myself becoming racist. I don’t want to be, but I can’t help it”

Crime Victim Couselor

“That’s completely natural. You shouldn’t be concerned about that right now, just be glad you survived.”

Fair enough. I’ve had my taste of urban America for the time being, and part of my plan is to get to know Asia well, the future seat of the world’s economy…especially after our President/public servant has mishandled the USA so terribly and irrevocably.

Enough of this! I have to celebrate the incredible women of Phnom Penh, their silky lithe figures and beaming smiles.

Away, Phantoms!

(stay tuned for more info on the progress of Susan Hero)

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