Rainy season has begun; yesterday on my way back from PTC computers with some new memory for my laptop and a power brick (backup power), some of the streets were flooded to the tailpipe of my motodriver’s machine…certain streets we had to turn back, or take wheezing, wayward sloshing loops through streets on higher ground.

Am now burnt out and flu-ish. Taught a lot these past few days, been meaning to quit one or more of the gigs but had to wait to make sure they all panned out an became “solid” with the new terms. Anyway, I have one particulalry huge class (over 50 students) , at the end of the day, and by the time I was teaching that class yesterday I was feeling detached, dizzy…once when I turned too quickly to point to the board, I saw a quick star flash across my vision.

At one point I had to lean on the desk to remain standing without wobbling, and I did this as casually as possible. In the end, I played the tape a lot and let them do primarily listening exercises.

The very last class of the day, with only 8 students, was a relief after this. Also, there’s an intriguing girl in that class who gave me a ride home once, I’d like to get to know her better.

Her name:(I sh*t you not) Cherry Tang, of Chinese descent

Today, since I’m having a sub cover for me at school, I’ll throw a couple more hours at Susan Hero before taking on the evening classes–if I can hold up alright. The new memory helps, and the program cuts more quickly and the mahcine is more responsive.

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