Now that the NGO doc (link to trailer to be posted soon after it’s official release here, it’s very sensitive material) is don, I’ve been able to focus all efforts solely on Susan Hero and am now within sight of it completion. Goal is to have a solid working cut ready by Halloween, then ship off to the US to have some sort of work in progress screening there as well as here in Cambodia.

Can’t write much, have been writing instead in the hard copy making of diary, HURRICANE, now a year and a half old and 310 pages long!

Speaking of which: what is up with all the hurricanes? Came up with the title HURRICANE last year during what seemed to be a strange peak year for Hurricane’s now they seem to be getting worse and worse each year…

Musct go now and change my underwear. Bought a pair of “XXL” down in Sinnoukeville last week, but they are SQUEEZING my balls off…I wonder who deemed them to be XXL?

(Strange Cambodian underpants)

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