Just a quick clarification regarding the Okay Guesthouse, which appears in an earlier post and therefore seems to be a de fact positive report on the place:

I left the Okay Guesthouse originally because

1) my stuff which was being held there was stolen, supposedly in a safe room. But when I came back, I found my papers missing, English teaching materials gone and scattered, etc. Later, the owner found my PADI scuba card and returned it to me

2) the thin, suave Khmer guy who works there (and some others) can be a real prick, very insulting and condescending. This I personally experienced last March wqhen he was so rude that I nearly got into a scuffle with the bastard…yet, yesterday (which is why I must clarify today) a friend of mine who had stopped by to ask directions to my place, in the Local Adventures building down the street, was rudely waved away as the guy told her:

“what , do I work for you?”

*This is AFTER I set up a friend of mine to stay there for ten days two months ago, and thus bringing them $100 of business!


3) We endured a six month wave of unbearably loud construction next door, coming from the Okay Guesthouse. When I went to ask the boss when he thought they would be finished, he indicated thast they would be done “when they felt like it.”

There you have it, some other perspectives on the Okay Guesthouse, which often gets great referrals and reviews from various travellers and guidebooks.

If you like the ususal “hipster” travel scene and want to stay inside and watch movies all day long, this may be the place for you–as long as there’s no construction going on.

Some of the people working there are very nice, don’t get me wong. But overall, I had mixed experiences with the Okay guesthouse, and I would not automatically flock there just because a guidebook tells you (and a hundred other hipster travellers) to.

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