Back from teaching at Royal University of Phnom Penh, where I’m helping put together (and teach) their brand new video production course in their communications department…am modelling some of the excercises on my own old days at NYU.

Have just started building up a DVD library of movies which I think are solid, can be learned from — and which can be acquired at the Russian Market (bootlegged)

Amongst them: Taxi Driver, Lawrence of Arabia, Eraserhead, Star Wars, Rashoman, and others.

Meanwhile, back in New York, G has just about finished tweaking the cut of Susan Hero, now with the 500Gigs of HD in hand, brought graciously back to NYC from Cambodia by my pal Cormac Creed who was just visiting here.

So, as of today, Susan Hero has been submitted to a few fests, basically the ones who waived the entry fee due which I needed to request due to my slim Cambodian salary (though huge by Cambodian standards)

Basically now waiting to hear what happens with the current fest submissions, now writing and working on a couple local ideas in clkuding a fictional work — just now in its early formative stages — about the secret bombing of Cambodia.

For this, will make a trip to the “Parrots Beak”, and area near the Vietnam border where the US command was convinced the enemy held a huge swatch of sanctuaries, including the jungle equivalent of our own Pentagon. Heavy stuff, not sure about angles or storline yet, just more research needs to be done.

Anyway, updates soon as to whether Susan Hero gets into any of these major fetss we’ve submitted to!

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