Quick note to say that I’ve landed a small office space downstairs, an unused room next to the adventure travel shop; this will be the new lair of Camerado.

Total rent for my room upstairs and the office downstairs: minimal.

Also, have completed the prototype of a Rattan swimming pool I had built according to my original design, and it’s ready in the sweltering nick of time. It’s made of Rattan–bamboo, and we just tested the liner today, actuually just a large plastic tarp. But the bamboo holds the water (with the tarp) and now we have a small pool to take editing breaks in!

Am poised to buy some new firewire HD’s debating whether to blow the $16 bucks on the bus ride to Bangkok (and $16 more back) in order to access a greater selection of equipment.

With the free one month entry Visa into Thailand, and my unlimited re-entry in Cambodia given my new business Visa, it’s basically like taking the bus from New York to Ohio and back…

…well, not exactly.

Anyway, also just spoke with (amazingly!) the dude from NY State Department of Labor, they actually called and got through to me to discuss my back benefits which may be forthcoming after all.

And if so, I will pay off some debts and plow the rest back into an edit station for Susan Hero and some docs I’m pitching.

Things looking up, it seems, knock on wood, at last, truly I can’t believe I think I made it through the fire (past couple years of hell, attempted kidnapping at gunpoint, all my equipment stolen in NYC, etc)…then again, like Dalton Trumbo said, “I been down so low it all looks up from here”

If I can start cutting by next week, I’ll reward myself with a nice gorgeous bang!

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