Lots of stuff going on; the truth is, just don’t have TIME to update the blog so often.

In short:

1) Did a group screening at a robotics workshop in NYC to get reactions to Susan Hero
2) Returned to SF to do yet another pass on the movie, incorporating that feedback, burt same to longform DVD
3) Went to LA and met with consulting producer and others
4) Dropped off latest (basically FINAL) cut of Susan Hero at Sundance Fest on Wilshire, in person
5) Did a bunch of LA promotion for SH and other projects, also went to Screen Actors Guild to see how I can reactivate my membership (became “Financial Core” when I dropped out to act in Susan Hero, as I couldn’t afford to pay myself my own workman’s comp insurance)
6) Went to visit old buddy Tim Merril in Hollywood, where I did some more networking and we made an interesting off the cuff movie, HOLLYWOOD BLACKOUT

Take a look at ((** Hollywood Blackout **)) here:


More later, almost done here in the US, was a huge trip so far, many, many more things done and progress made–probably obvious by now that I’m not the most devoted blogger…just don’t have time (plus am making most entries in the hard copy production diary, HURRICANE)

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