Rode merrily to Monirith’s place to rent his deck only to discover that Allan’ canon camera tapes wouldn’t play on the Sony deck to to an incompatibility issue: thus, when my true nature required me to swing vine to vine, I was stuck as a computer geek AGAIN trying to figure out the problem. Finally Monrith and his younger bother showed up with a camera to use as a deck, but battery issues kept usdown.

He then calleda friend who brought a new camera–but itwas a Sony, and it suffered the same fate as the deck!

Finally, Monrith’s friend bring s another battery and charger for the first camera, thus I can load the crucial footage–

But then the digitzer from Premiere Pro flunked out–

So then I fired up Sony Vegas andused it’s digitizer, with the hope oflater importing those clips into Premiere–

But then I discovered the original clips wouldplay after all (sorry, iBook nowusedforBlog as windows machineis digitzingas Iwrite,and the iBookhas a bad space key)

Went out to the neighborhood beer stand, dranka coke and aBlack Panther stout. At the end ofthe break,as I left,I spied abeautiful girl fromthe dancehallsitting near the stand, but she said nothing tome,only motioned as I saidhelloand goodbye:

“She can’tspeak, and shecan’thear”

Ah…but herface wasso clearandalmond like, I made a gesture with my hand and suffered to find a way to talkwith her somehow.

She gestured tomeand madean eatingmotion.

“What’sshe want?”I askedmy Khmerfriend who tends the stand

“She wants 500Riel for somewater”

I gave it toher,but left,and thought of her the wholeway home.

“Howcan I meet her?How can I find outhername?”

Andstill,I think of her now…

[The oldKrung lady fromratanakiri, she looks likemy English/Irish grandmother ,she’son camera nowI can hear heras the tapedigitizes]

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