We’re happy to say that we’ve cast one of our principle actors in Camerado’s 3rd feature, **FREEDOM DEAL**, (now in active development) playing the role of “Uncle Ramy”…one of two survivors of a country wedding inadvertantly targetted by a B52 strike on the border, near an NVA sanctuary.

I actually met Chanda [pictured above] at my University here in Phnom Penh, where I’m studying for a Masters in Development Studies. As envisioned, we’ll be working with as many non-actors as possible.

Anyway, we’ll make an announcement when we’ve cast the role of the other principal actor, the young girl, Thavy.

As we did with our previous feature, SUSAN HERO, we’re asking folks to make a contribution if they can towards development and production. Making independent movies (especially out here in Cambodia!) is a tough, tough business, but this story has just got to be told.

So, as with SUSAN HERO, anyone who makes a contribution of $35 or more will be listed in the credits of the completed movie as Popes of Camerado. The Popes were crucial in getting SUSAN HERO made, and we hope they’ll come through for our third feature, FREEDOM DEAL as well.


[Major contributors will receive a producer credit or other equivalent, to be discussed; please email us with inquiries.]

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