A long way from Cambodia…have been hauling ass on the final cut of Susan Hero in Robert Deniro’s Tribeca Film Center here in NYC (where I am now cutting and visiting friends)all week;though burned out from the edit in the Bay Area, have now finally been able to collaborate in person with G,co-editor of Susan Hero, for the first time in two years.

Prior to now, all collaboration had been limited to DVD cuts of the movie sent by snail mail to Cambodia, where I’ve been living for nearly a year and a half.

Now I truly believe the picture is pretty much as good as it will ever be,may need a pro mix and color correction, but not much more can be done. Thus, soon, will begin submitting in earnest to agents and fests, including Sundance.

Tomorrow, a likely meeting with Dr Alan Rice who played cloning expert Dr Kurt Morell in the movie. He’s based here in NYC, works at the Museum of Natural History…where they now have an exhibit on Darwin.

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