FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky; Supernatural historical dramatic movie set along the Vietnam-Cambodia border in 1970 during the US-Vietnam conflict. Completed medium length movie with feature and episodic in development!

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SYNOPSIS1970…Cambodia. As part of the escalating Vietnam War, a combined US & Army of South Vietnam military operation enters Cambodia to locate and destroy North Vietnamese and Viet Cong sanctuaries. A Cambodian youth named Samnang (‘Lucky’) and an ornery but likable wedding musician make their way through the conflict – encountering landmines,  surreal Cambodian ghosts known as ‘Arbs’, and marauding helicopters as they go.

Written, Directed, Edited and Co-Produced by Jason Rosette (aka ‘Jack RO’) with story contributions by Phun Sokunthearith ; More info and complete credits @

‘BOOKWARS’ Award winning feature documentary about the lives of New York City street booksellers: ‘TERRIFIC’ – LA Times * ‘SUPERB’ – NY Film Critics Circle * ‘HILARIOUS’ – The New Yorker.

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SYNOPSIS: the gritty world of New York City street booksellers, told in a remarkable story that chronicles their lives, their loves, and their unique perspectives on life…see the Mayor, the University, and the NYPD try to shut them down!

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‘MYSTERIOUS WORKERS ATOP BOKOR MOUNTAIN’ (2012) Directed by Jack RO; Cinematography and Editing by Jason Rosette; Soundtrack by CSoul.  “The old French colonial hill station atop Bokor mountain in Cambodia is currently being renovated into a modern mega-resort and casino. All that remains are a few dilapidated structures, including a Christian church…and a curious UFO-shaped tower. See Trailer on Youtube


Photo Exhibition ‘CAMBODIAN WINE BAR’ (2012) ‘Personalities of the Cambodian Wine Bar’: portraits of individuals who frequent a traditional Cambodian wine bar near Psar Jah (Old Market) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – with streetside launch of exhibit at the wine bar itself (with photo subjects in attendance).See Video Introduction & Coverage of Show with Commentary by Filmmaker/Photographer Jason Rosette on Youtube * Teaser for the Exhibition on Youtube


‘CRAB LADIES’ (2012) Directed by Jack RO; Cinematography and Editing by Jason Rosette. Evocative, impressionistic documentary about the crab selling women of coastal Cambodia.  (USA) * Watch Now



bangkok_traffic‘BANGKOK TRAFFIC’ (2012) Cinematographer, Editor – Jason Rosette Experimental time lapse based video offering an impression of the movement and pace of traffic in Bangkok (where filmmaker lived between 2010 and 2012). See Clip on Vimeo with music by fireproof-babies; see version featuring ‘Crosstown Traffic’ by Jimi Hendrix on Youtube, here

USAID Funded Cambodia MSME Video Series (2012) Writer, Producer, and Director, J Rosette with Khmer production team. Series of 15 short videos detailing productivity issues in the contemporary Cambodian garment industry; shot on location in Cambodian garment factories and other locations with majority Cambodian crew and creative team. See Clip on Vimeo; Compare Script & Final Video HERE


‘SWORDSMAN’ (ANIMATED MARTIAL ARTS FEATURE, 2012) Co-writer, J Rosette – Co-writer of major animated martial arts feature project produced by Bangkok, Thailand-based animation leader. Release dates TBA





Film Festival BANGKOK INDIEFEST (launched 2010, semi-annual) Founder, Programmer, Co-organizer, Camerado producer J Rosette; international independent film festival held in Bangkok, Thailand; the first cultural event to take place in Bangkok following the widespread ‘Red Shirt’ protests in Thailand, 2010.


LOST IN NEW MEXICO: the strange tale of Susan Hero’ (2009) Dramatic Feature Writer, Director, Co-Editor J Rosette; with Jaime Estrada, Drea Pressley SYNOPSIS: Accompanied by her illegal immigrant companion, a woman desperate to clone her deceased child steals cash and heads across country in search of a maverick animal cloning expert who says he can help her. Video, RT 85:00 WEBSITE; SEE IT NOW on Amazon Instant VideoiTunesGoogle Play * Official Selections: Route 66 Film Festival, Riverside International Film Festival, International Panorama of Independent Film



VUTH LEARNS TO ROCK (2008) Rockumentary Dir., Camera, Editing J Rosette; with Vuth Tep and Jun ‘Rocker’ – A young Cambodian named Vuth learns about Rock and Roll for the first time. Video, RT 8:00 See on Vimeo; get the DVD Official Selections: 2009 Florida Film Festival, 2011 Vientianale Film Festival (Laos)





ONLINE VIDEO BROADCAST PORTAL  “CAMBOTUBE” (2008-2009) The first prosocial user-generated Entertainment-Education video sharing platform in the ASEAN region. Founded, designed, and administered by Jason Rosette. CamboTube operated on its own dedicated server, running with a custom FFMPEG based engine which automatically converted and dsplayed user’s video content in a matter of minutes – similar in look and style to Youtube or other platforms, but independent of  an external platform’s infrastructure or administrative processes. Read an overview of CAMBOTUBE with press clippings HERE


Film Festival CAMBOFEST, Cambodia International Film Festival (est. 2007/2550) Founder, Co-organizer, Programmer J Rosette. The first recurring international film festival event in Cambodia since the end of the Khmer Rouge regime, and Cambodia’s first and only ‘indie’ film festival, est. 2550/2007. Official SiteFacebook

HOLLYWOOD BLACKOUT (2006) Mockumentary Director, Camera, Editing J Rosette; Written by Tim Merril and J Rosette (score by Arijan Jansonius) – A blackout in Hollywood interrupts the phone call of a lifetime, forcing struggling screenwriter Time Little to seek a place to charge up his phone. His final destination: the legendary (and publicly off-limits) Hollywood sign. Video, YoutubeDVD



HAVE FOREST, HAVE LIFE (2006) Documentary Director, Co-writer, Editor, J Rosette – A documentary which explores the importance of conserving biodiversity in the remote Cardamom forest of Cambodia; produced for Wildaid (Wildlife Alliance), Conservation International, and Flora and Fauna International. Video, RT 24:30 [Watch on Google Video]

A DAY AT THE RACES (2006) Experimental Documentary – Director J Rosette – An impressionistic look at the annual great boat races in Phnom Penh Cambodia. With cameo appearance by Sambo the elephant. Video, RT 5:15 [See on Youtube; DVD]

MOTO CAMBODIA (aka The Commute – 2006) Documentary Director & Editor, J Rosette – A frenetic documentary of a morning commute through the chaotic streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia–from the motorcycle’s point of view.Video, RT 3:00 [See on VimeoOfficial Selection: New Filmmakers, New York, 2011 Vientianale Film Festival (Laos)

CRISIS (2005) NGO Advocacy Documentary Co-writer, Director, Editor J Rosette – Documentary about landgrabbing in indigenous areas of rural Cambodia; produced for The NGO Forum on Cambodia Video, RT 15:00 [see trailer; watch on Google Video]

IPHIGENIA IN KANSAS (2002) Writer, Director, Camera, Editor J Rosette; with Pernilla Sundblad – Atmospheric experimental video ranging from strawberry fields of Ohio to the pyramids of Tikal, Guatemala, ‘Iphegenia in Kansas’ is linked by an angelic blonde woman’s (Pernilla Sundblad) search for flowers for her ever growing daisy-chain. Video, RT 12:00 [See on Vimeo]

Editor LIFE ITSELF (2001) Editor, J Rosette – ‘Life Itself’ offers glimpses into the lives of three artists who work together at a San Francisco-based art studio for adults with disabilities. A series of vignettes slowly build portraits and hint at the broader aspects of their lives. [Film Page]

BookWars - an award winning documentary by CameradoBOOKWARS (2000) Writer, Director, Editor, Co-Producer J Rosette – The award winning New York City streetside feature documentary ‘BookWars’ is: the gritty world of New York City street booksellers, told in a remarkable story that chronicles their lives, their loves, and their unique perspectives on life…see the Mayor, the University, and the NYPD try to shut them down!  ‘Terrific’ – LA Times; ‘Superb’ – NY Film Critics Circle * Winner, New York Underground Film Festival; IFP Gotham Award Nominee RT 78:00/56:30 WEBSITEAmazon Instant VideoVUDUHULUDVDApple iTunes Numerous  festivals, broadcast, & VOD venues worldwide


Editorial BENJAMIN SMOKE (2000)  Dirs. Jem Cohen, Peter Sillen Additional Editing, J Rosette – ‘What is the sound of queer Southern blues?’

CHARLIE’S BOX (1994) Writer & Director, J Rosette; with Ralph Feliciello and Victoria Kelly – A Noirish psychological drama in the spirit of Cassavettes and Jim Jarmusch * Nancy (Victoria Kelly) has just moved into an old Brooklyn apartment, when she discovers amongst her belongings a dusty package belonging to the former resident, ‘Charlie’. RT 14:50 & 14:50 version with commentary, both in one download/DVD[DVD] [Amazon Digital Download RENT PURCHASE]

THE BRIDGE (1990) Writer & Director, J Rosette; with William Preston and Jon Gudmundsson –Experimental 16mm color. An old blind man (William Preston) encounters a stranger (Jon Gudmundsson) on a city bridge and tries to shake him from an existential crisis. The young man snaps out of it at last…but was it all just a dream? 16mm film RT 12:00

HORROR HAT (1989) Writer & Director, J Rosette; with Peter Ray and Eric Laster – A multicamera production in an absurdist Noir style, ‘Horror Hat’ open with our gumshoe hero Johnny W bound to a chair, a prisoner of his arch rival, ‘The Moth’. Johnny refuses to sing…until Moth brings out the Horror Hat. Video, RT 10:0

BE NICE (1989) Writer & Director, J Rosette; with Charles Bolanos – A young man on the edge pours his heart out to the last thing he has left in New York city: a pet cat he carries in a brown paper bag. But the more he open his soul to the innocent creature, the closer he comes to destroying it, until… Video, RT 20:00

NOVEMBER (1989) Writer & Director, J Rosette – BeatifiImpressions of the filmmaker’s Lower East Side neighborhood (Avenue B & 9th street, New York city), featuring disembodied hands raising eggs to the sky, old mannequin torsos, and weather-beaten stuffed animals. Video, RT 9:00 [See on Vimeo]

MOSAIC MAN (1989) Writer & Director, J Rosette; with artist Jim Powers – A jazzy portrait of New York City street artist, Jim Powers, as he beutifies lamposts and sidewalks all the way down Broadway. Video, RT 6:00 [See on Vimeo]

SALT (1987) Writer & Director, J Rosette; with Peter Ray – An absurdist parable, ‘Salt’ follows a man’s obsessive search around New York City for the perfect salt shaker to compliment his meal. Unfortunately, when he gets back to the dinner table, someone else has taken his place. [See on Youtube16mm RT: 7:0

I, JANUS (1987) Writer & Director, J Rosette; with Peter Ray – A man confonts his own demon which lurks in his bathroom mirror, and must decide whether to detroy – or embrace – his shadow figure. 16mm RT 4:00 [see on Youtube

CHUCK (1987) Dir., J Rosette; with Charles Bolanos – An experimental, frenetic,16mm visual subterranean pome shot on the nighttime subways of New York city. 16mm RT 6 min. [See on Vimeo]

THE HITMAN (1980) Dir., J Rosette & Mark Aurelius – With supreme Dad-ist logic, a body falls from an upstairs window, leading the Hitman (played by J Rosette) to hunt down and kill his best friend (Mark Aurelius) with a BB gun and firecrackers. RT 3 min. (see on Youtube)