After watching over half of the footage, 20 hours thus far, again after nearly a year — much of that due to chronic homelessness, in part caused by the unethically pulled HD Cinema 10/rainbow Media deal which SEVERELY destabilized my current revenue structure– I can honestly conclude thus far that…

…Susan Hero will probably be a cult/midnight movie with decent sell through on DVD and limited art-house theatrical. It will perpetually bring in a modest but steady flow of revenue.

It will play well at edgier “A” level fests, ala Rotterdam, but it’s probable that Sundance won’t want to take a risk on it seen as they are generally very conservative overall.

It probably won’t be hurt by piracy unless it breaks through, in which case our low overhead will probably allowe the picture to recoup itself (and efforts) fairly rapidly.

We’ll see though, just an estimate. Could be a piece of sh*t in the end, could have that magic. But DVD will be the main revenue source for the movie, and domestic license fees for fiction features in the US are so pathetic, unless there are huge names attached, that its better to focus on just MAKING IT A GREAT MOVIE.

After all, been making movies since I was 12 years old, and I plan incidentally to put that first movie, “The Hit Man” on the DVD release of Susan Hero!

Fun nontheless, to finally be cutting and logging. Finally getting my hands on it…out here in Kampuchea.

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