Here’s a growing list of global contributors, below, as seen in their ‘video thank you postcards from Cambodia’ (below) who are helping make possible the production of our Vietnam-war era Cambodian feature film, FREEDOM DEAL (  

CONTRIBUTE to our Effort and Join the Ranks of the Esteemed Supporters of FREEDOM DEAL:

Kickstarter Fundraiser (POSTPRODUCTION)

Sara Caldwell

IndieGogo Fundraiser (PREPRO & SHOOTING)

David Rogers
Sashwati, Lisa, Mark
Chris Thrall
Arnold Toole
Dawn Mikkelson
Alexandra Rohrer
Ian Baird
Joseph Culp
Michael Ross
Linda Nelson
Rich Goldstein
Jules Ryan
Judy Henry
Jesper Kumberg
Alan Swain
Roland Weber
Alec Ceschi
Jim Zetwick
Sara Caldwell #2
Tim Merrill
Walter Gorey
Sara Caldwell #1

ANONYMOUS: Anonymous by Request

Scott Eriksson: A brief shout out/thank you was included in the video presented for his group, ‘Asians on Film’:

Thanks to Alan Swain, contributing from New Mexico, USA

Thanks to Rolando Dubioso, a “Pope of Camerado” who has made many significant contributions to Camerado’s efforts over the past 12 years – including ‘Freedom Deal’

Thanks to Alec Ceschi, a UK based professional who we’ve worked with previously in Cambodia; he’s made a very significant contribution and is also now onboard as co-producer of the Freedom Deal project.

Jim Zetwick zooms in with a contribution valuable greenbacks; Thanks to Jim Zetwick for his generosity – besides project perks and gifts, he receives the rank of ”Participant’ in the FREEDOM DEAL movie project

Sara Caldwell, official ‘PATRON’ of our FREEDOM DEAL movie project on IndieGogo, was so impressed with the spirit and energy of our pioneering efforts that she came back a day later to contribute another $100!
Tim Merrill of Los Angeles contributes to our growing effort from Los Angeles, CA
Sara Caldwell’s FIRST contribution (she contributed another $100 later)

Walter Gorey of Sony Pictures contributes to our new and unique 1970 US-Vietnam wartime indie feature, taking place in Cambodia

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