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CAMERADO SE Asia: 7/13/09

CAMERADO launches Bangkok IndieFest :: FREEDOM DEAL to begin script
workshopping / seeking DPs :: CAMBOFEST: Film, Video, and Animation
Festival of Cambodia call for entries thru September :: Updated

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Coming to Bangkok in 2010 – BANGKOK INDIEFEST! Bringing the best
international and Thai independent movies to Southeast Asia’s
filmmaking & arts capitol, Bangkok.

Our aim is to create an ongoing program dedicated to the art, craft,
and business of independent film and media-making for the SE Asian

Seeking Features, Documentaries (including non-traditional & creative
docs) Shorts, Animation, Underground & Midnight Movies, Edutainment
Media, Music Docs, Thai Film Showcase

[ Submissions officially starting July 31 ]

@: http://www.bangkokfest.com <http://www.bangkokfest.com/>

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:: MEDIA ALLIANCE sponsors Camerado projects, enables 501 (c) 3 tax
deductions for US citizens and corporations ::



Media Alliance <http://www.media-alliance.org>
was a fiscal sponsor of Camerado’s first award winning feature,
“BookWars” – and is now assisting with 3 more of projects currently

1) CAMBOFEST: Film, Video, and Animation Festival of Cambodia
– Cambodia’s independent movie festival, now in its 3rd year. We’re
in seeking additional to beef up our venues and operations for the
upcoming 2009 Edition. Please make a tax-deductible contribution
here–> http://media-alliance.stores.yahoo.net/restoolandte.html

2) FREEDOM DEAL – Camerado’s 3rd feature, the social issue drama
“Freedom Deal” tells the story of two internally displaced Cambodians
(refugees) during the US incursion into Cambodia in 1970 as an
extension of the VN War. We’re raising $3500 to commence a script
workshopping session in Cambodia in January 2010. Now’s your chance to
participate in the project by making a tax-deductible contribution
here–> http://media-alliance.stores.yahoo.net/intomac6hrme.html

3) CAMBOTUBE <http://www.cambotube.com>
– A Youtube-style video sharing community for Cambodia and the
region. User-friendly FFMPEG technology allows users to upload and
host video clips about Cambodia and SE Asia. We’re in need of an
additional $750 to upgrade our servers and secure additional
hosting;make a tax-deductible contribution here–>

Find out more about all three sponsored projects at the Camerado
contributors page here @ http://cameradosocialissue.blogspot.com/

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:: Camerado’s FREEDOM DEAL to begin script workshopping / SEEKING
DPs and other interested int’l partners ::

FREEDOM DEAL, a social issue drama (ala “Blood Diamond”) will be
Camerado’s third feature, following our first award winning effort,
“BookWars”, and our second, the social issue drama, “Lost in New

FREEDOM DEAL is the story of two internally displaced Cambodians
during the US incursion into Cambodia in May 1970, as the US sought to
liquidate NVA and Viet Cong sanctuaries along the Cambodia-VN border
regions. This action in turn sparked civil unrest in the
States–leading in turn to the shootings at Kent State University.

A treatment is available for interested international and regional
production partners; please email camerado@camerado.com for details .

Camerado plans to commence workshopping the first draft of the script
in January 2010, in association with community members along the
Cambodian-VN border who experienced the US incursion and B52 MENU &
Arclight activity firsthand.

We’re seeking an additional $3500 to commence script workshopping
with adequate production support in order to document the process;
interested contributors who would like to support our efforts, please
visit the “Freedom Deal” page at the Media Alliance website @


Supporters contributing $1000 or more are invited to accompany the
Camerado team to the “Fishhook” area along the Cambodia-VN border to
participate in the script workshopping process this January; please
contact us at camerado@camerado.com for details.

…afterwards, continue your travels through Cambodia and the rest of
SE Asia. If you’ve never been over here, “Freedom Deal” Stage 1 may be
your best reason to come over, while participating in an innovative
new social issue media project.

We’re also seeking an International DP who have experience shooting
social realism or doc-style fiction in a small crew situation (some
“run and gun” ability required).

Please send DP reels to:


Attn: J Rosette or Mr. Phun Sokunthearith

PO Box 707

12000 Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

Contact camerado@camerado.com with inquiries; find out more about
“Freedom Deal” at the Camerado contributors page @:

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:: Camerado’s 2nd feature, “LOST IN NEW MEXICO” secures distribution
through sales agent, Goliath Arts::

Camerado’s 2nd feature, the feature road movie, “Lost in New Mexico:
the strange tale of Susan Hero”, secures distribution via TV & Motion
Picture sales agent, Goliath Arts <http://www.goliatharts.com>

Aside from other areas, Goliath Arts will be handling all Domestic US
and many European TV sales for the title – please visit Goliath Arts
at www.goliatharts.com <http://www.goliatharts.com >
to inquire about a complete list of available territories.

“Lost in New Mexico” is a story of seekers, shot on location in the
dusty Southwestern USA. A young woman seeks a maverick animal cloning
expert who promises to help bring back her recently deceased daughter
– can she trust him? Can she even find him? Accompanied by her illegal
immigrant companion, Javier Appollinaire, Susan embarks upon a secret
journey to find the doctor in order to begin the procedure.

“Lost in New Mexico” was shot on location in New Mexico, and features
striking performances by Latino and Native American talent, with a
non-traditional female lead.

“Compelling” – Sundance Channel

“Casting decisions are particularly effective” – Film4, UK

“Recommended” – Library Journal

See trailers and more @ http://www.lostinnewmexicomovie.com

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:: CAMBOFEST: Film, Video, and Animation Festival of Cambodia
concludes rainy-season fundraising drive / Call for Entries Continues
thru September ::

Filmmaker Tip Pek [“The Red Sense”] and crew with the

Grabay Meas (“Golden Buffalo”) from CAMBOFEST 2008 Edition

Filmmaker Barbier Olivier [“Intestines of the Earth”] with his

Grabay Meas at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

CamboFest <http://www.cambofest.com>
: Film, Video and Animation Festival of Cambodia recently concluded
Stage 1 of its 2009 rainy season fundraising drive – thanks again to
the following contributors:

James Velaise, FRANCE * Martin Zweiback, USA * James Higgins, USA *
Helge Cramer, GERMANY * Norm Fassbender & Kate Holowach, CANADA *
Maurice Adams, USA * Marianne Waller, AUSTRALIA * The Kumberg Family,
SWEDEN * Jennifer MacDonald, USA Chris Swider, USA * Rolando Dubioso,
GERMANY * Jon Lewis, USA * Eveline van Dijck, NETHERLANDS * David
Munoz Lopez, SPAIN * David Rogers, USA * Milek Knebel, ISRAEL* Anna
Wilding, USA * Nancy Nagrant, USA * Anonymous I & II…

…with Jennifer Janofsky and Anonymous III contributing just today!

Shortly after concluding Stage 1 of our drive, the Asia Pacific
Screen Awards (http://www.asiapacificscreenawards.com
) invited CamboFest – for the 2nd year in a row – to be the sole
submitting organization for Cambodian films to be considered at their
awards show.

CamboFest continues to accept film submissions from international and
Cambodian filmmakers for the 2009 CamboFest and 2009 APSA / **As
always, Cambodian filmmakers submit for FREE!**

And continuing the tradition from previous years, all submitted films
receive actual screening notes from CamboFest viewing staff (Khmer
and/or Barang)

Find out more or submit a film @ http://www.cambofest.com

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:: Selection of Titles by CAMERADO – July 2009 ::

All purchases go towards our ongoing productions – help keep us
rolling by buying one or more, below:

BOOKWARS <http://www.bookwarsmovie.com>
[Feature doc with TV version 79:00/56:30] – “Terrific” , LA Times *
“Superb…” NY Film Critics Circle.

A gritty, insider’s look at the literary subculture of the streets of
New York City, as seen through the eyes of a sidewalk bookseller.
Broadcast and screened around the world – an indie classic!

[Distribution, Fest, and Broadcast Inquiries Welcome, please email

All info and purchase @ http://www.bookwarsmovie.com

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LOST IN NEW MEXICO <http://www.lostinnewmexicomovie.com>
: the strange tale of Susan Hero [Feature drama 85:00] “Compelling” –
Sundance Channel * “Recommended” – Library Journal

The story of a woman who seeks to clone her deceased daughter –
accompanied by her illegal Mexican immigrant companion, Susan searches
the dusty Southwestern USA for a maverick geneticist who promises to
help her.

Features outstanding Native American and Latino talent and a
non-traditional female lead.

* Previously banned in two US States for “encouraging human cloning”!
* DVD Extras Includes documentary about the making of the movie

All info and purchase @ http://www.lostinnewmexicomovie.com

TV Sales in the US and Europe now handled by

Goliath Arts (http://www.goliatharts.com

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VUTH LEARNS TO ROCK (& Other Movies) – Short Movies from Cambodia &
beyond * VLTR – Official Selection 2009 FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL

“You mean he never heard of the Beatles?” – Astonished Viewer of VUTH
LEARNS TO ROCK at the 2009 Florida Film Festival

“A Taiwanese rock and roll guru teaches a young Cambodian named Vuth
about Motorhead, the Ramones, the Kinks, Led Zeppelin, and more in
this provocative cross-cultural documentary” – 2009 FFF

“Vuth” is still rocking its way through the festival circuit – BUT
you can buy it now @


NEW! INDIEFLIX–> http://www.indieflix.com/Films/VuthLearnstoRock

[Distribution, Fest, and Broadcast Inquiries Welcome, please email

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HOLLYWOOD BLACKOUT [Mockumentary, Avante Garde] A citywide blackout
in Hollywood interrupts the phone call of a lifetime for struggling
screenwriter Tim Little. His obsessive quest for a working outlet to
charge his mobile phone leads him to the ultimate source of power in
Tinsletown, the iconic Hollywood Sign.

Shot on location at the actual Hollywood Sign overlooking LA!

INDIEFLIX–> http://www.indieflix.com/Films/HollywoodBlackout1


[Distribution, Fest, and Broadcast Inquiries Welcome, please email

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HURRICANE: the life of an independent filmmaker

[Creative non-fiction, 402 pp, Author Rozezze]

5.0 out of 5 stars “Raw, Real, Riveting Read by Rozezze!”, By T. S.
Merrill “HeavySugarRadio” (Hollywood, CA) –> ‘ “Hurricane” is a
blast. It’s an unbridled trip through the slightly damaged psyche of a
completely independent filmmaker-author-actor and all-around
raconteur. From the sleepy burg of “Shaggy Balls, Ohio” to the mean
(and I mean *mean*) streets of NYC to the jungles of deepest, darkest
Cambodia, Rozezze takes you places you’ve never been…the book is
hilarious, haunting and horrifying by turns, sometimes all at once.
And that’s the stone bloody truth. Read it! ‘ – TSM



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ORPHAN TEACHER A day in the life of a volunteer
English teacher at a Phnom Penh, Cambodia center for disadvantaged and
orphaned children.

INDIEFLIX–> http://www.indieflix.com/Films/OrphanTeacher


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