:: Hello from Camerado ::

We are happy to announce that Media Alliance of San Francisco, CA is
now a fiscal sponsor for several of our ongoing, innovative media
projects in SE Asia.

Media Alliance had been a sponsor for Camerado’s first award winning
social issue documentary feature, BookWars, and we’re excited to have
their vote of confidence once again as a fiscal sponsor for our

Fiscal sponsorship means that any support for Camerado is now 501 (c)
3 tax deductible for all US based individual and foundation

Our 501 (c) 3 ability also means we’re now eligible for many grants
and foundational support which we weren’t able to access
previously…so, even if you can’t offer a direct contribution, any
referrals to grants or foundational support is appreciated!

For our friends around the world who aren’t covered by the US tax
code–we still welcome any financial or in-kind contributions you can
offer: we’d be happy to offer you a visible credit for any


1) CAMBOFEST – Cambodia’s first internationally recognized independent
movie festival, now in our 3rd year. Produced by Camerado under
extremely challenging conditions, with minimal financial support
(mainly out of pocket and via filmmaker entry fees) up til now


Our immediate needs include: hardware & AV equipment, venue rental,
staff compensation, outreach and advertising, office space and
operational costs, training for staff.

Contact us at camerado@camerado.com [subject line CAMBOFEST] to see
how you can be a part of CamboFest!

2) CAMBOTUBE – A Youtube-style video sharing community for Cambodia
and the region (www.cambotube.com). Produced by Camerado as a
grass-roots media undertaking, and “important tool for democracy” –
The Cambodian Daily.

Our immediate needs include: robust broadband internet (pricey in
Cambodia), dedicated hardware & AV gear for content origination, staff
compensation, office space, server rental, outreach and promotion.

Contact us at camerado@camerado.com [subject line CAMBOTUBE] to see
how you can be a part of CamboTube!

3) “FREEDOM DEAL” – A new social issue drama (ala “Blood Diamond”) in
active development to shoot in Cambodia and Thailand. Camerado’s third
feature, “Freedom Deal”, is the story of two internally displaced
persons during the US incursion into Cambodia in May 1970. This
innovative feature film is the first-ever dramatic feature about the
little-known Cambodian aspects of the US-VN conflict.

“Freedom Deal” also welcomes Kent State Alumnus & legendary DEVO
co-founder Bob Lewis and Cambodian rock n’ roll-scholar Matt Caron
onboard as advisors.

Our immediate needs include: financial support for research and
development of the first draft of the screenplay, to be workshopped on
location with local communities in the Cambodian-VN border regions;
travel costs; script reading and translation; final polish of Draft #1
of the screenplay, staff compensation.

Contact us at camerado@camerado.com [subject line FREEDOM DEAL] to see
how you can be a part of “Freedom Deal”!

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In order for Media Alliance to direct and process your contribution
towards Camerado, please be sure to enter “Camerado” and/or “Camerado
[project name]” in the form box which asks for “Additional
Information” or “Comments” or the equivalent.


Media Alliance
1814 Mission Street # 205
San Francisco, CA 94103

…again, please make sure to indicate “Camerado” on the memo line of
your check and/or cover letter.

If a tax-deduction isn’t an issue, and you’d like your online
contribution to reach us quicker and without a processing fee (our
preference), please contribute directly through the
following gateway:


In any case, have a great day and thanks for your support!

JR / Mr. Tol / Vuth / The Camerado Team

Camerado is an innovative media production, arts, and consultation
group which has been operating in SE Asia since 2004 (in Cambodia
since 2005)


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