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October, 25 2554/2010

Script development Phase II underway for Camerado’s 3rd feature, the VN War-era feature, FREEDOM DEAL :: Submissions still open for 
Cambodia’s longest running international film festival, CAMBOFEST, Cambodia (4.0 Edition) :: Southeast Asia Filmmakers Exchange :: Updated Contacts


=> FREEDOM DEAL, Camerado’s 3rd feature, commences script development Phase II in Cambodia 

FREEDOM DEAL, Camerado’s 3rd feature, is a Vietnam War-era dramatic social issue feature (such as ‘Hurt Locker’ or ‘Blood Diamond’) which takes place in 
Cambodia during the 1970 US/ARVN military effort to locate and destroy communist sanctuaries along the Cambodia/Vietnam border.

http://www.camerado.com/freedomdeal  *

This never before told story is told from the point of view of a Cambodian boy and his friends as they search for sanctuary from the growing conflict on their doorstep.

(*web designers currently being sought to upgrade the Freedom Deal site, pls contact camerado@camerado.com with ‘Freedom Deal Website’ in the subject header) 

Camerado staffers Jason Rosette and Phun Sokunthearith (aka ‘Mr. Tol’) now embark upon Phase II of development, a script development and workshopping session on location in Cambodia, where writer-director Jason Rosette has lived and worked for more than half a decade.

Legendary ‘Golden Age’ Cambodian filmmaker and colleague Yvon Hem is attached to assist with story content from the 1970’s Lon Nol-Khmer Rouge Cambodian context.


Our unit should be looking for us…they know we’re missing.


Where are they from, Uncle?


They seem to be with the foreign armies. There are many these days…from the North and South of Vietnam, for instance. Then there’s Lon Nol’s army, though I miss the King terribly. I think our poor luck now is due to his departure.

Let’s see…there are the country guerillas, from Vietnam and our own countryside rascals, the ‘Khmer Grahorm’.




The Cambodian communists – the Red Khmer. The Barangs call them ‘Khmer Rouge’...

Some talent and locations in Cambodia have already been secured, including military personnel with hardware who served in the Lon Nol and Khmer Communist (Khmer Rouge) armies.

Information about FREEDOM DEAL, and ways that you can help jumpstart the project, can be found at the following page:


All contributors will be duly credited and will receive special rewards! (see the FREEDOM DEAL page at http://www.camerado.com/freedomdeal) Significant contributors are welcome to accompany the production on the research sessions, and co-production and presale inquiries are welcome.

Contact   camerado@camerado.com  with inquiries.

=> Submissions still open for Cambodia’s first international movie festival, CAMBOFEST, Cambodia (www.cambofest.com) – ** Get Involved in the Cause **

Submissions for Cambodia’s first and longest running film festival since the end of the Khmer Rouge era, CAMBOFEST, Cambodia, continue through the end of October (official deadline). 

Last year, CamboFest rediscovered and brought back to life (on an out-of-pocket, bare-bones, grass roots budget) the once popular “Royal’ cinema house in Kampot, which had fallen to ruin during the Khmer Rouge era (see the historic photos on the CamboFest blog here–> http://cambofest.blogspot.com/2009/12/initial-pix-content-from-cambofest-2009.html)

(*BREAKING NEWS: we’ve just located the historic ‘Santapheap’ [‘Friendship’] movie house, in Kampot, the 3rd of four original, pre-Khmer Rouge movie houses in that Cambodian provincial town…mobile phone video coming soon to the CamboFest blog) 

The 4th edition of CamboFest, will feature a ‘Best of’ selection from the first three years of the event, plus new independent features, documentaries, shorts and animation from around the world.

A selection of movies from independent filmmakers from Southeast Asia will be featured, thanks in part to CamboFest’s ‘Friendship Festival’ in the region, the Camerado-produced BANGKOK INDIEFEST (www.bangkokfest.com) – but be on the lookout for filmmakers beyond Thailand and Cambodia as well!

(More information about the Southeast Asia Filmmakers Exchange can be found on our Facebook location @http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=153622188009351)

Also included at the next CamboFest will be the (very) long awaited Cambodian premiere of Robert Flaherty’s pioneering docu, ‘Nanook of the North’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanook_of_the_northconsidered by many to be the first feature length documentary, with the kind permission of the Flaherty Seminars, Inc…a full eighty eight years after its initial release.

CamboFest is a grass roots, private sector event with extremely limited funding; we utilize every Riel of our supporters’ contributions to keep Cambodia’s only independent movie festival alive. 

Consider contributing to the upcoming edition of CAMBOFEST, Cambodia – amongst items needed for the next edition are: a new diesel generator, lighting for vintage (unrestored, pre-Khmer Rouge) Cambodian venues, and upgraded exhibition hardware.

At the 2553/2009 Edition of CamboFest, for instance, local Phnom Penh photographer and arts supporter James Mizurski kindly contributed towards the construction of a customized movie screen to fit the vintage Royal Cinema in Kampot, re-discovered and brought back to life for that year’s fest by CamboFest staffers…

And the ‘James Mizurski’ movie screen lives on to be used at future fests…

501 (c) 3 Tax deductible contributions to CamboFest can be made through our fiscal sponsor, the Media Alliance, here–>


…with ‘El Normal’ direct payment gateway contributions through:


The 2554/2010 Edition of CamboFest will train more Cambodian staff to handle more essential duties, including programming and other areas, while Western principals draw down to a degree.  Media programmers, practitioners, and volunteers of all kinds are welcome to offer their skills and crafts towards this unique, ongoing effort.

Contact info@cambofest.com to volunteer or otherwise participate.

=> Get DVDs of Camerado movies for the lowest price direct from the factory and $AVE while supporting our projects!

Sales of our DVDs and other content get plowed back into our projects – please consider any purchase to be a contribution to Camerado’s ongoing efforts.

> Camerado’s 1st feature, ‘BOOKWARS’ (‘Terrific’ – LA Times)

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> Short movies by Camerado including the hilarious rock n’ roll documentary, VUTH LEARNS TO ROCK, the outlandish HOLLYWOOD BLACKOUT, and others

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=> Updated IMDB and other information for CAMERADO, Camerado SE Asia

Please take a moment to update your contact sheets with the latest info from Camerado founder, filmmaker and writer-director J Rosette; his info can be found at:


and at IMDB Pro:



You made it this far? Take a look at Camerado’s very first independent effort, shot in *1991* (under the name ‘Flaming Monk Films) on glorious 16mm film, called ‘Charlie’s Box’, seen here at Vimeo–> 

Thanks to all our friends and contributors around the globe! Please check our website for updated Twitter, Facebook, Email, and other Contacts








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