Just came back to the US day before yesterday to visit for a couple emonths before heading back to Kampuchea. Haven’t been in the US for a year and a half.

Lots of new cars, cars everywhere. No people on the streets, and no old ladies selling chili snails. Lots of hamburger places. Nice clean bay without plastic bags strewn everywhere. But no kids playing “The Shoe Game”.

No cripples or thin bums with handcranked wheelchairs. Not too many people smiling or saying Hi, especially not so toothily and goofily.

Fresh air off the Marin Coast, able to hike without worrying about landmines or robbers…many plump women with blonde hair wearing fashionable, loose fitting black clothes. They are well educated, and they mean business. They drink Big Coffees from Starbucks. Clean streets, big houses, shiny California State Troopers. Price of gas very high, but no one seems to mind too much, lots of cars whizzing by with one sole occupant.

IPods, shiny new things, very plump new clothes.

Dogs well fed, well groomed. Ears pointing straight up, versus their flat-headed and careworn, titty dragging third world counterparts.

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