Seeking Cambodian Films & Videos for CAMBOFEST 2009

*** CamboFest to nominate Cambodian & Cambodian-themed films for 2009 Asia Pacific Screen Awards ***
CAMBOFEST: Film, Video and Animation festival of Cambodia ( today announced its appointment as the Official Submission Organization for Cambodia for the 2009 Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA).

CamboFest was invited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) and APSA to submit eligible films from the Cambodia for consideration in the second annual awards, to be held in Queensland, Australia, on November 11.

The agreement between CamboFest and APSA will facilitate long term cultural and creative exchange and development of professional business partnerships; to that end, CamboFest and APSA have collaborated to showcase cinematic achievements from Cambodian filmmakers and industry professionals to an international audience.

CamboFest welcomes further Cambodian film submissions for consideration in both the 2009 edition of CamboFest and the 2009 APSA*; please find more information at [*Further eligibility details are below / No submission fee for Cambodian films]

2008 APSA feature nominees from Cambodia included: “Seasons of Migration” by Sophiline Cheam Shapiro, John Bishop, and John Shapiro; “The Red Sense” by Tim Pek [Winner of the 2008 Grabay Meas “Golden Buffalo” Award.


First public screening

* Films must have had their first public screening (World Premiere) after August 1, 2008

Eligible public screenings include:

* Cinema/Theatrical release
* FIAPF Accredited Film Festival screening
* National film festival screening from the Asia-Pacific region
* Broadcast on free to air, cable or satellite television (Documentaries ONLY)

Nationality / Country of birth

* Films submitted or invited to be considered for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards must have been predominantly created in Cambodia and must reflect the cultural origins of the nominating country or countries in accordance with Section 6.

* The majority of cast/crew must have been born in Cambodia; hold a current passport from a Cambodia; or normally reside in Cambodia. (A point scoring system is outlined in The Test in Section 6 of the Charter Rules and Regulations which pertains to this criteria)

* AT LEAST ONE Producer or Co-Producer must be from Cambodia.

Running time

* Feature Films and Children’s Feature Films must be 60 minutes+ in duration.
* Documentary Feature Films and Animated Feature Films must be 40 minutes+ in duration.


All films must be presented in their original language and English subtitles are required for all entries not in the English language. All subtitling expenses are to be met by the film’s producer.

Please see for more information

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