Check out some frame grabs from one of the tougher scenes cut so far, and it’s still only rough since I haven’t added the material of Dr. Morell on the road [EXT Car shots] Seen below are grabs of 1) Dr. Morell (played by Dr. alan Rice) shaving just after arriving in New Mexico 2) shots of Javier Appollinaire (jaime Estrada) and Susan Hendricks (Drea Pressley) at work in the Meadowlark Movie House. Also pictured is Sanghpop Elpee, Susan’s boss (played by Carlos Cabarcas)

In this scene, Susan decidesto call Dr. Morell for the first time. Although his ad indicates he works with livestock for ranchers and horsebreeders, he is also now offering his cloning services to bereaved pet owners…which is why Susan, diatraught after the recent loss of her daughter, decides to call him.

Javier can only listen in as Elpee, her overbearning boss, homes in and disconnects the call:

“We can’t make calls on company time…”

Susan flips out and soon thereafter she does something quite impulsive which causes her to flee the theater–but she runs into Javier on the way out, and in her rush has dropped her keys… (see both stills)

Anyway, this one was quite a puzzle to put together, but it’s working now and will be even smoother once Morell’s exterior car driving shots are online.

Coughing today, still rainy, back teaching although it feels very old now that I’m hired to make a doc for pay.

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