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Camerado is a media production and consultation group located in SE Asia.

We are currently producing a variety of community-oriented and social issue video, film and media projects including our Phase III 2010 activities.


1) BANGKOK INDIEFEST ( – This new and emerging independent movie festival in Bangkok, Thailand, is in urgent need of the support of contributors, volunteers, and virtual volunteers now more than ever before.

Following the Spring 2010 protests in Bangkok, the local sponsorship environment declined significantly as investors, visitors and sponsors shied away from the uncertainties of the evolving situation.


From ‘The Last Elephants in Thailand’, one of several hundred films in consideration for the 2010 Bangkok IndieFest.

Now the protests have ended and Bangkok is once again a stable and fun place to be – yet intense and enduring media coverage of those events continues to dampen the cultural support climate.

Many other events in Bangkok cancelled in the wake of the protests…but we believe it’s more important than ever to sustain art and cultural events in any post-conflict environment. 


The result will be a positive impact on tourism and the commercial sector, while facilitating reconciliation in the Thai civil society.



  • EPSON, Thailand (Projection systems)
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand (Promotion and outreach)
  • Studio Asia, Ltd (Production services)
  • British Council, Thailand (Electronic outreach)
  • Media Alliance (Fiscal Sponsor – tax deductible contributions for US donors)

Please help sustain an emerging movie festival in Thailand, the new BANGKOK INDIEFEST, with a contribution: 

Via Secure Online Gateway – Our preferred method; even 500 or 1000 Baht will go a long way and is greatly appreciated.

Through our fiscal sponsor, Media Alliance; 501 (c) 3 tax deductible– Slower for us, but better for you if you are a US-based citizen or company and would like the tax deduction.


2) FREEDOM DEAL A social issue drama, ala “Blood Diamond”, this will be Camerado’s third feature, following our first award winning effort, BookWars, and our second, the multicultural drama, Lost in New Mexico.

FREEDOM DEAL is the story of the Cambodian people’s experience during the US/ARVN incursion into Cambodia in 1970 during Nixon’s attempt to locate and liquidate communist NVA and NLF (viet Cong) sanctuaries along the Cambodia-VN border.  


This action in turn sparked civil unrest in the States–leading ultimately to the shooting of student protesters at Kent State University.


The story is told primarily from the point of view of a Cambodian boy who makes his way from conflict along the border to the presumed safety of the provincial capital.


Scene sampler from FREEDOM DEAL, suggesting the look and feel of the movie (shot on location in Cambodia with principal talent, Vannara)



The Cambodian story behind the US-VN conflict has never been substantially addressed as a feature film. The soundtrack potential for the movie is awesome, and we hope to utilize as much 1970 period rock music as we can in the soundtrack.  


DEVO co-founder Bob Lewis (and Kent State Alumnus) is onboard as advisor and story consultant for the US-stateside component of the film, while Cambodian rock and roll researcher Matt Caron is onboard as period Cambo-rock advisor. 


We have already scouted and secured locations in Cambodia and have commenced significant steps in active development of the movie.

CAMERADO is currently seeking in-kind, financial support and advisors to commence a script workshopping session on location in the Cambodian-Vietnam border region, in support of current drafts of the original screenplay which are underway. The goal is to maximize the inputs and participation of actual community members who lived through the 1970 incursion. 


[FREEDOM DEAL will be shot on location in Cambodia, Thailand, and the USA]

Make a contribution to FREEDOM DEAL, the never-before-told story of a little known war in Cambodia:


Via Secure Online Gateway – Our preferred method; even $10 will go a long way and is greatly appreciated.

Through our fiscal sponsor, Media Alliance; 501 (c) 3 tax deductibleSlower for us, but better for you if you are a US-based taxpayer and would like the tax deduction.


 Or you can assist the old-fashioned way, by mailing a tax-deductible contribution to our 501 (c) 3 fiscal sponsor, Media Alliance*.

Media Alliance

1904 Franklin Street, Suite 500
Oakland, CA 94612

(*be sure to write “Bangkok IndieFest, “Freedom Deal”, or “CAMERADO” 

in the memo section of your check)

Supporters of the 2009 Camerado effort, CAMBOFEST, received acknowledgement in the press, online, in venue promotional items, and in forms of exposure.


Camerado founder Jason Rosette teaches English to orphans and street kids in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

Your contribution to CAMERADO plays a vital role in our ongoing projects (all contributions are noted and credited where specified by contributor):


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