Production still by Camerado Movies and Media for a USAID funded video project in Cambodia, SE Asia

Camerado Movie and Media Production is a producer of compelling movies and media, including film, video, music & audio, and specialized services including drone video production.

Founded by writer/producer and director Jason Rosette in 1999, Camerado produces a wide range of content ranging from long and short form fiction, documentaries, promotional and web videos, branded content, digital multimedia media, and more.

Notable original titles to date include the award winning New York City contemporary classic documentary, 'BookWars' ('Terrific' - LA Times), the 21st Century multicultural road movie, 'Lost in New Mexico' ('Great Road Pic' - Angelika Entertainment), and the Asian supernatural historical drama, 'Freedom Deal', set along the Vietnam-Cambodia border during the Vietnam War.

Commissioned credits include work for corporate and federal agencies, commercial enterprises, non-profits, small businesses, all the way down to the grass-roots individual level.

Camerado has significant experience working in the ASEAN/APAC region (Asia), and also coordinates, advises, and refers productions seeking to shoot in the region.

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From Concept to Delivery and Beyond

CAmerado Movies and Media offers more than 20 years experience bringing content to life, from script to screen and beyond


Camerado offers over 20 years experience, fulfilling every need from script research and development, to production and execution, to delivery to and distribution

Agility is a key strength of Camerado Movies and Media when planning and executing film, TV, video, or other multimedia projects


Through strategic project scaling and with access to all necessary vendor resources, Camerado brings life to motion and audiovisual media for every budget

Camerado Movies and Media harnesses the power of diverse teams to get the job done


Whatever the project, Camerado draws upon the integrated skills of the capable international and local staff, coordinators, and support teams to create compelling media content

Camerado Movies and Media was founded by writer-director and producer Jason Rosette in 1999

Jason Rosette

Jason Rosette is the founding writer-director of Camerado Movies and Media, and has produced, written, and directed original features, long and short form factual and episodic, promos, PSAs, web videos, trailers and more. He has a BFA from New York University (Film/TV), and an MA in International Development Studies from Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Tieng Ratha, a long time associate producer and coordinator at Camerado Movies and Media (Asia)

Tieng Ratha

Tieng Ratha is a long time associate producer and coordinator for Camerado Movies and Media. He has worked as an assistant editor, translator, local fixer, and coordinator for many of Camerado's ASEAN-based projects. His experience as an audio technician at the Pannasastra University Radio Talk Show proved invaluable in this regard. He is now also involved at the PUC Institute Leadership program.

Rith, aka Mr. Tol, is a long time associate of Camerado Movies and Media

Phun Sokunthearith

Rith, aka Mr. Tol, has been associated with Camerado Movies and Media since 2008; he served as assistant director on Camerado's episodic Asian themed drama, 'Freedom Deal' and was instrumental in the operations of another Camerado effort, the CamboFest, Cambodia Film Festival.  In 2010, Rith was invited to participate at the DW Akademie Deutsche Welle film festival training program at the Berlin Film Festival and Market.

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